Not able to load from the cloud save

so yesterday i played with my friends about 14 hours, when went offline we were LvL 23, today i logged into the game and i went back to LvL 16.

Sounds like cloud save over-wrote your local save file when you went back on-line. Did you get any sort of prompt or dialog about syncing the files?

nope, i just started the game, like yesterday, and saw that im lvl 16 and dont know why…

Check in your Epic client to see if cloud save is enabled.

i did and its enabled.

Not sure how the Epic system is set up but, if there’s an option in the client to manually sync your files you may want to do that at the end of a session before shutting down, just to make sure that the cloud version is the most up-to-date one.

Yeah i guess, i need to do that.