Not allowed to install

So I have the disc copy of BL1 GOTY and I tried to indtall it, but I can’t get past the ‘release date check’ it keeps failing.

Does anyone have an idea of what to do?

How old is that disc - original 2010 GOTY or 2019 Remaster? Just wondering if yours is one affected by this:

See the bit towards the bottom about SecureROM - I don’t know if the original GOTY was also affected by this but, if it was, you’re likely out of luck. The digital granting tool that let you turn a disk copy into a Steam version was discontinued in 2019.

If the disk you have is for the 2019 remaster then the problem would be something else.

It’s the 2010 GOTY.

I did find a granting tool guide, and found out the hard way that it got discontinued.
I read something about SecureRom but I couldn’t make much sense of it. So I might just be out of luck?

Thank you tho!

Yes, unfortunately you are - the game disk itself won’t run because there are no servers to validate against any more, and the period where you could have got the Steam version instead is over. The only good thing might be if the case still included the Pandora map? That’s a nice collectible to have.

It’s not something I keep up on, but I’m pretty sure the Remaster goes on sale on Steam periodically.