Not another dime unless Mayhem Modifier On/Off switch included

Haven’t been hanging around here much the last couple months so I apologize if this has been beaten to death but I want to get my swing in too!

Personally, I am not interested in any comprises, deals, or settling. I would be first in line to pay the price for Year 2 content only if it includes the ability to shut off the modifiers. I am fine with health/shield/armor increases but I am just not interested in this game with these fun destroying modifiers. I want to fight bad guys not dodge ungodly amounts of visual pollution. Combat is disjointed, cluttered, and the extra-curricular stuff is annoying.
So c’mon Gearbox…take my money, please?

Post is gladly irrelevant within an hour…
10 mins ago Gearbox posted Mayhem 11 coming in November…Mayhem 10 with no modifiers…thank the stars.


Can you clarify? There is absolutely the ability to turn mayhem off now.

I do not understand what you are asking for.

A high difficulty option that does not involve mayhem 1-10 immersion breaking modifiers.


The difficulty would have to be higher to account for the lack of negative modifiers. Or the rewards would have to be lesser. Either one is fine.

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Well, I believe I stated that the health/shield/increases were great but the modifiers were trash…not sure I can make that clearer.

Then leave your modifiers on, I’ll turn mine off, what’s the problem? The modifiers don’t make it difficult when you constantly reroll to find the ones with neutral impact. Unfortunately all the choices add visual noise and make combat clunky.

Edit—to fix autocorrect

Modifiers, apart from the easy ones, add to the difficulty across the board. The bonuses per Mayhem-level account for this increase in frustration / difficulty / whatever you want to call it.

If you could get the same rewards without having to deal with the modifiers, purely from a difficulty perspective it’d be a no-brainer. No thanks. If you want gear, you work for it. If you don’t want to work for it, you get less stuff. That’s difficulty and reward scaling in a nutshell.

Again, I don’t find the modifiers adding difficulty I find them adding visual garbage and tedious crap to the game. I don’t understand why you bring gear into the discussion I made no mention of gear.

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I agree , which really defeats whatever purpose they had in creating them, and makes them pointless beyond their annoyance factor.

I roll up a set of modifiers that (for Zane and a Transformer) really have no effect on him, the only one I have (became the alternatives are worse) that is a problem is Floor is lava and that’s only an issue if I get careless.
Other than that, all the modifiers I pick do is charge my shield and do little to no damage.
And of course, fill the screen with an overload of visual effects, which is very annoying.

As constituted, modifiers are just pointless.


I know you didn’t mention gear. That’s something I would want, if you got your no-modifiers mode. I would want you to get less benefits per Mayhem level. Otherwise it ain’t fair. Why should I have to work harder than you to get the same rewards, just because I want to enjoy Mayhem as its currently-designed?

Ah, I think I fully understand now. I didn’t want to assume.

Agreed with the OP.

@RavenOfArisia I Played with Floor is Lava for a long time and decided to reroll it. I’m sooooo much happier using other modifiers now.

The thing that bugged me about FIL was that it didn’t really end as soon as I’d killed the last enemy, so I was constantly moving around after fights so I didn’t get into Fight for your life without there even being enemies to rez from.

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Welp looks like we’re getting M11, which is the same as M10 but without modifiers, and half the rewards.


(Free to everyone, no DLC needed.)

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Yeah, that’s really annoying but I learned to live with it after the first time I died at the end of a battle cuz I stopped to take a break and burned up with no second wind chances.

And of course stopping long enough to push a button or pull a lever required by a mission also takes just long enough to set you on fire. Really annoying, that one.

But for me the alternatives are worse.

That’s fine with me. The rewards aren’t super great anyway (for me). Will be nice to have a straightforward This is hard ! mode.

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Same here, and this also will reduce the quality of world drops which might help a bit with legendaries raining everywhere, heh.

I don’t play for gear, I play for fun, so whatever, don’t much care about drops just wishing Borderlands was fun again.

i will take 200% less drops for no modifiers option


Why would you care what gear I get at any difficulty level?

Because I care about the gear aspect of the game, and how the difficulty interacts with that. It’s a moot point because we now know about M11 :slight_smile:

Since the request of the thread title has apparently been answered, I’ll just suggest that discussion of Mayhem 11 continue over here to avoid unnecessary duplication:

Cheers all!


Plea heard, mayhem at 11.