Not connecting to certain friends games

since Lilith DLC the friends connection issue is once again here but old fix isnt working . few friends i try to join it kicks me from group and moves my status to offline. also have friend who cannot connect to me having same issue with certain friends as well but yet presequel is working just fine its only happening with BL2 .

I found that joining my friend in a completely different game, and then switching back to Borderlands actually worked, although that could just be situational.

I am having the same problem on my system as well. Every time I attempt to join a friend it either kicks me 5 minutes in or immediately moves my status to offline.

Here’s my problem. Kebra:

Here is the report from the last 2 nights.

  • Gamertag:

  • SHiFT Support ID (press “Y/Triangle/F1” in the SHiFT menu):

  • SHiFT email

  • What are the characters used and their levels - are they higher level or new, etc.?: Im Maya, His is Commando

  • Is the character a transferred save?: Yes

  • What are your basic network/NAT settings?:

  • Are you using a wireless or wired connection with your console?: Wireless

  • What region are you in?: I live in Alabama, He is in Arizona but we also played with him in LasVegas on his other console last night and tonight.

  • Are you part of the Xbox One OS Preview Program?: no (I dont think so)

  • When did you first notice these connection issues?: as soon as we started playing the Hanson collection from day 1.

  • Please list all the gear currently in your Character’s Inventory: We both change fear constantly as we progress. We also both level up and change selections 3 times since starting to play.

D/L last night 54mbs, tonight 75mbs, upload 14.8mbs last night.

packet loss 1%, mtu 1480, latency 48ms, wireless strength 100%, our levels were 47 through 50 last night until tonight, both of us are the same. We imported our characters from BL2 BC 360 which had been uploaded.

I reset everything and reloaded the game, I even changed the port and all internet settings.

I checked and redid the nat.

I checked the wireless connection, good, multiplayer connecting, good. Nat good. I joined his game. After getting knocked off several times We both rebooted and he joined my game. I never got knocked off again but he did, every 10-15 minuets, like I did the day before.

Tonight I joined his game again and I constantly got knocked off every 5-20 minuets. 50% of the time it would load back up and I could join his game and my character would load. 40% of the time after I attempted to join his game, it shows me my characters stats and I hit A and it would stall at sending character data to host, I had to reboot to unlock it.

10% of the time I attempted to join his game and I would get cant connect to the internet check your connection, which I did and everything passed and I was running 74mbs. I again had to reboot.

1 time it kicked me completely back to home. a couple of times it reconnected and I was able to continue. The level u progress bar never lost where it was. When My friend joined my game he had the exact same experience I did when I joined his. ALSO there is a lot of glitching. I would be standing one place and jump to another a few feet away, every 5 minuets or so. He also had the same problem when he joined mine. The host was always perfect its always the person connecting to the host game that has problems.

We can play borderlands 2 BC 360 without glitching or getting knocked off, these problems only happen with the Hansom collection. We tried to play the Lilith free d/l and got the same problem.

We have played BL1 and BL2 all the way through and NEVER got knocked off or glitched except a very few times.

I then bought the upgrade pack which was a waist of money as it wont work on my Xbox 1 S, even though its installed. So we each then D/L and paid for the Hansom, pack.

The knock off symptoms are thus: First I can still walk, run shoot, change weapons, then I see in the upper left of the screen a white (looks like a cable break) then shortly it dumps me out of the game. He can still play though while I attempt to rejoin the game. It might go 5 minuets or 20 minuets. Sometimes we are in the midst of a heavy battle and sometimes we are just walking or even standing, no action. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Again its only the Hansom collection and the free downloads Lilith. I and him can play alone, its only multiplayer that has the problem.

Its really too irritating to play as when it knocks us off we can comeback far away from each other at the last check point the one was at.

Neither of us will buy BL3 until you fix your problems. You can say it MS but every other game we play we have never got knocked off. Only BL2 Hansom collection. We both have Xbox 360 and Xbox one S. He has 2.

I am having the exact same issue. My buddy never gets kicked off. I keep getting a kicked off and told to check my network connection. It’s 9-11-20. Has this issue been resolved? Is there a fix yet? We plan on the PS4