Not enough exp from enemies and missions

Hello there I’m writing this to know your opinion and in case we could ask to Gearbox to release a patch to fix that.
I’m currently playing on UVHM and I noticed that leveling is much more slow and boring compared to BL 1 & 2, due to the fact that the enemies and the missions give very low exp compared to the difficulty. For example: a badass enemy gives around 800xp, in BL2 a badass rewarded you with more than a thousand exp. Frankly I found this very boring because the amount of time spent on grinding is not matched with a fare amount of level increasing.
What do you think?

Missions give decent exp, but I will admit, enemies don’t.

With the new level increase, getting to 70 may be difficult.

However, if you do sidequests and don’t run past everything, you will be a decent level by the time you beat the main mission. Now throw in the Holodome and the Clappy DLC. That’s easily an extra 4 or 5 levels right there.

Sure, doing all of these wont result in you being level 70, but if you look back at BL2 doing the main, sidequests, and even all it’s DLC wouldn’t have landed you at 72 either. I frequently joined random co-op games without caring where they were at, so I basically completed every area at least 3 times on UVHM. Had very few characters get to 72.

I spent 60 - 63 farming the Raid Sentinel and Iwijijairjairjea until it got too boring. I reset my Athena playthrough after that and after doing all the non-unique reward giving missions and no DLC missions, I’m level 68 and I just got up to the Veins of Helios.

The best thing you can do is just to reset your game just because enemies give such low XP, you’ll lose your mind if that’s what you’re depending on leveling up with. Your best bet it to rely on missions for that and save your sanity.

An xp boost would be really nice, leveling chars to 70 is going to blow

In my experience this is not true. i have a few characters at 72 in BL2, but i never had to do any DLC or the main quest multiple times. I do agree BL2 could feel a like a grind too just to get there (IIRC especially there is a bump at around 60 something where it’s starting to feel really slow), but with the vast amount of content it is definitive doable.

TPS, again in my opinion, levels just a bit too slow for the content we have. I gained about 3 level from the Claptrap DLC (not all side missions completed yet). With the rest to I think i can land 60 easily, as people did that earlier with the holodome and UVHM.
I think getting to 70 might be a stretch without grinding (I do not own the Holodome as of now).

but borderlands 2 also had good power leveling techniques, the pre sequel does not have anything that resembles a decent way to level

In BL2 with the huge amount of contents you could ‘easly’ reach lv72 once unlocked UVHM. Plus, there were areas like the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve that were good for leveling. Also, you had enemies like the rabid stalker that gave like 5k of exp and the tubby type that gave around 2k or more (with a chanes of great loot).

guardian hunter mission would like a word with you. unless you meant “powerleveling” yourself, then reset your playthru. missions exp rewards are the best way to level yourself in this game. for example at around 58 the exploader mission in LLS gives close to 85,000+/- exp. and most missions rewards 22,000+/-

The guardian hunter mission doesn’t compre to the Marcus glitch

marcus glitch? elaborate please! plus i was talking bout for tps :blush:

I was comparing it to 2, but pretty much you get in the test dummy range and massacre them during one of the element tests

Only thing I don’t really like about the borderlands games is they feel like a grind when they add all these levels. It doesn’t feel bad when its only 50, but after two level cap increases it just feels like a grind.