Not enough iron bear space is still a thing?

Really they never fixed/changed that? Hers is still the only action skill that can be rendered useless by trying to use it when you’re in a literal tight spot.


Get gud

How is this a problem? Just walk 2 feet and deploy it


are you serious?!
no action skill should be dependent on your surroundings to activate.
and walking 2 feet as you say won’t help much when you’re being attacked and going into iron bear is the only thing that would keep you from going down.

But of course, “not enough space” dead.

It’s a stupid mechanic that shouldn’t exist.

I’ve played Moze quite alot and never had this issue where it caused me to die. Not really sure what the problem is here…

You can’t deploy into a wall and clip into scenery. I assume why the reason I also admire that IB has size, one can’t sit in a hole and deploy the mech, in a sense I feel/know his size, know positioning.

Unless they shrink Iron Bear. I don’t see how or why it could/should be fixed.
It’s a big mech thing. Doesn’t fit in tight space. :man_shrugging:

With how hard and far enemies can knock you, I’ve had situations where I couldn’t deploy IB before dying. Costed me a MTD run once or twice.

It is annoying, and they should just spawn you into the nearest legal space within a given distance, to make it fair. But yeah, when a lot of things are coming at you in a multiplayer session, not being able to pull out IB when needed can ruin the fun of a night.

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Yes i get its not a massive issue, but its definitely worth addressing to put her on even footing with every other vault hunter, this only happens to moze, where activation is just straight up canceled by your environment.

And until the next update moze only has this, so its not like she can switch to some other skill to avoid problems.

Look at Amara, almost no one (to my knowledge) uses phaseslam anymore because we all know she’s not immune and likely to get killed mid-air before the skill activates.

This is like if all of her skills forced her to do that or stand immobile for a period before they activated.

Or if zane couldn’t swap with his clone if there were enemies within a certain radius of his clone. Or couldn’t drop his barrier if it would hit a wall, or encounter an enemy hitbox.

For fl4k that’s like if you could only activate gamma burst if your cross hairs were over unobstructed (no nearby enemies) flat ground or a climable surface.

All those are the same because instead of just activating your action skill and gaining the bonus (because practically every character has some type of healing on action skill activate) you’d instead be forced to run around searching for a place you could use it, or kiting enemies away from a place where you could, instead of just using your action skill.

Which to my knowledge was never a problem in any previous borderlands game.

as for how to do it, i imagine it involves shrinking the hit box and wouldn’t need to change the model or like @Talzar13 said just spawn you into the nearest place that fits the requirements.

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I didn’t know about the Amara Slam, but I’m not surprised.

Zane has his issues with his Barrier though. It falls through a lot of areas, like Killavolt. Not to mention Deterrence Barrier will destroy your eyesight if you use it too much.

FL4K’s spiderant pet uses its burrow attack to get to the player, when they are on different levels. This triggers the attack command timer and will most likely kill the player if they are near a barrel.

Anyone with some form of ammo regen can cause some weapons to “jam”.

All of the VH have some sort of broken skill or bug that can be a pain to work around (if there is a solution at all). It would have been nice if Gearbox spent some time fixing those before introducing new bugs and pain with their 4th skill trees.

Still waiting for the Rocketeer COM to work in multiplayer for people who aren’t the host…

I guess Season Pass 2 will just be more fail in new ways. :rofl:

lol yeah, but that gun jam thing is actually a carry over from borderlands 2, which is weird since practically everything is done differently and they have different people developing this game.

My assumption was that no one was looking at the code from the old game(s) to carry over what worked, since no item brought from previous game even did proportionally the same damage. rip fastball.

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