Not enough storage!

so I’ve recently beat the game and close to beating it twice on tvhm mayhem 3 and I’ve ran into an issue where I now have too many different legendaries with no duplicates.

I want to collect all of the different legendaries that the game has to offer but with only 90 spaces it makes it extremely difficult.

I’m at a point in the game where I have a build that can murder everything with ease with all of my weapons being at lvl 50 I only need the things I have equipped.

All in all please give more space because having this limited amount of space in a looter shooter that has many many uniques and legendaries is just super dumb.

Anyone else feel this way?


Discussion going on here:

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Is there any feedback about storage increase? Your link leads to nothing, there is not much to discuss but the fact that you can’t even keep 1/3rd of the legendaries if you don’t mule other characters. Not to mention Anointed gear :smiley: which makes them go x4 depending on all the different mods they have. It’s kinda sad, love the game but really dislike the low storage/unable to keep more than 1 build per character.

read the roadmap they gave us with the patch on thursday :slight_smile: they also talk about storage there :slight_smile:

It will be increased to very likely 150+ storage space when the Mailiwan free content update ships on either the 21st of November.