:( Not enough VIP Points

I have entered all the codes I could find. Got the 10 weapons done, all head skins done, but only FL4K’s outfit. Need 7900 more points. My feelers are broken lol.

Go onto the borderlands Discord. they have a spreadsheet for you to use.


Hmmm omw. Thank you kindly.

Maybe you find one here https://mentalmars.com/game-news/become-a-borderlands-vip/


Thank you will try here as well.

Well, got pretty close. All I have left now is to get Zane’s Outfit. I have 963/3000 points. Thank you both for your help in grabbing more points. Mayhem be with you on 9/13.

They released 2 codes in they last couple days worth 1000 each. Be patient, I believe more will come.

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Sign up 25 emails for 13000 points!
And yes u can enter random emails

So I don’t know what platform your on, or if you’re willing to spend money, but Xbox has a tab in the movie section for sci-fi+ borderlands. Where you buy a movie and get a diamond code for 10000. I bought the movie EVOLUTION, for $5. I imagine other outlets have a similar promotion

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Another 1000 point code tonight (unblinkingeye), feels like they aren’t stopping any time soon.

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Hi, excellent site, thanks man.

This guy is doing a pretty good job too.


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check your emails, cause another email code gives you 1k points.

I need at least 400 points to buy something and id qualify for the legendary weapon. or i could just wait since several things i got for BL3 would work once it launches. i can see unfinished articles and videos to get the ones i need

Got all the rewards. Thanks everyone for the help. Cant wait to cause some Mayhem in 2 days lol.

Thank you. I was going to post that one. I use that one too.

Hell yeah! I got 7.3K points from there just now plus 10K from the xbox thing. The email codes and 4 creator codes mostly work. Go after the 1000 ones


Pfft. I don’t even get out of bed for anything less than a cool half million points

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