Not enough weapons in golden chests

i used quite a few keys now, and so far only 2 out of 10 golden chests contained weapons. and only 1 out of 10 contains a legendary item. golden keys lost a lot of value in this game compared to BL1 and BL2

I respectfully disagree.

Like in BL2, BL1 GOTY, and TPS, the central section of the BL 3 Golden Chest will always contain either 1 launcher, 4 pistols, 1 sniper rifle (it was 2 snipers In other games), a mix of 2 of AR / SMG / Shotgun, 4 shields, 4 class mods, or 4 grenades.

Except now, there is ALWAYS 6-8 items on the side panel as well, shields, class mods, grenades.

Oh, only 1 in 10 opening gives a Legendary?

The Golden Chests in other games had ZERO Legendaries.

So the Golden Chest in 3 gives out significantly more than it ever has.

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