Not feeling the love with Amara

Firstly, I play it solo, don’t have time to farm, so just play with what the RNG provides I played a lot of BL2, so I am familiar with the siren.

I’ve got FL4K and MOZE through to 40 ish, and have beaten the game in normal. My first pass through was to just enjoy the game and get each character through to beat Tyreen. Mayhem etc etc can come later…its just my thing.

I have to say, I am struggling a bit with Amara. True, the drops so far have been awful, just 1 legendary by L30. But so far, I have found her a little weak, just generally, so I want to revisit the build with our forum experts

So my question.

If I am playing solo, and will entirely rely on drops (no farming), whats the best way to build her. given these constraints? I have no problem with her actions skills, play offensive or defensive equally (bad) and just want to get to reach the final boss battle. (not a mayhem consideration) . What do people think are the critical skills to get and generally, the order of that build.

I play a high damage output Amara. Glass canon build. With a strong electric or radiation SMG I absolutely wreck everything.

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There you’ll find links for skill guides, build guides, etc.

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Thank you

Try melee Amara, you don’t need any specific gear if you want just clear the story. And it gives you the best survivability.


A piece of advice as I tend to play the same way as you do, only I don’t have enough time to test the other chars so Siren all the way^^

So, I play with RNG too, and currently apart from a Phasezerker COM I looted from a chest (so no farm) I use no legendaries.
Having phasezerker COM, I play MA + FoE trees, down to Avatar with maximized CDR. I also mainly use Maliwan Rad guns, for elemental boosts + AoE.
You could go for something like this, leveled her in 2players coop from 1 to 40 with not much trouble :slight_smile:

Or I can advise you the Siren Sheriff build of Derch, it’s very playable and fun and you don’t even need legendaries to have fun, only strong hitting Jakobs guns :slight_smile:

EDIT : also, what @GrzesPL just said ! While leveling, melee Amara is fun and powerful and lots of the Brawl tree skills synergize well without needing any specific gear :slight_smile:

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Brilliant. Thanks. Lots to try.

I found that for a first playthrough solo making use if melee was one of the best calls I made. Find your center and illuminated Fist give you so much extra melee damage and it’s really useful for staggering bigger enemies or outright crushing smaller ones.
As for bosses I generally tried to keep my options open for action skills and Augments. Lastly using fire as her action skill element makes life alot easier just in general.

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Elemental amara with phasegrasp and stillness of mind makes any mobbing scenario a joke with pretty much any tier of elemental weapons. Especially with sustainment you will be able to survive very easily.

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