Not Gaining Guardian Points

My character is not gaining Guardian Points, when the bar fills. It just wraps around, and then it is still zero, for points to spend. Anyone else have this issue?

If you pay close attention (look at the amount the bar is filled BEFORE you get more GP) you’ll see it isn’t actually wrapping around, it just has an odd display that looks like it is. You are likely (assuming you don’t have an unusual bug situation) getting the correct amount of GP.

Thanks for replying!

I am watching the exact location, and the bar will grow, and when it gets to the end, the line starts again. No guardian points. Prior to that, was watching the bar fill, and would get the comment to spend guardian points. Had this pop up at least ten times. Went in to spend, and only one guardian point. Once I spent the single point, the bar would grow, and fill, then start over the filling, and no more guardian points to spend.

Are you maxxed out on your GRs by any chance?

Are you observing this when you complete mission? Because I thought this too, that it was filling up the bar, wrapping around but I got zero points to spend. It’s just a weird graphical thing. If the bar is almost full, then kill a few enemies and it “rolls over” (or complete a quest) you will get the point to spend.

GRs are not all full. I know some folks who have over 400 guardian ranks.