Not getting any xp from missions on new alt

Hey there,

I started a second character yesterday and i noticed that i’m not getting any xp from completing side missions (maybe main missions too).
Well, thechnically i’m getting xp but only for my guardian rank … i.e the purple bar gets experience but not the yellow one.
The only thing that give me xp right now and that allow me to level up, is by farming ennemies.
To compare with my first character. Right now on second character, i’m lvl 7. While on my 1st character i was already lvl 12 with having done the exact same things.

So there must be a problem here.

If anyone can help, thanks.

That sounds odd and should be submitted to 2k support and include your save files.

Have you tried:
Change game difficulty?
Load level 50 character & disable/enable mayhem mode, retry level 7?

Edit: I have all 4 VH’s @ level 2 that have been working fine for me, if you’d like I can post them