Not getting Broken Hearts day Rewards?

So hopefully I’m just an idiot.

I am 99.9999% sure I have broken more than 10 hearts.
Maurice said he was sending me something in the mail.

I have nothing in the mail, and checked that I don’t have the echo skin.

Did I do something wrong? Is the count on the path notes wrong? I am seeing and shooting hearts so for sure the event is active.

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Inventory > Last tab > Unlock earned items.

It’s not actually through the game Email system, so Maurice’s dialogue is confusing there.


I have a similar problem. Got the skin via claim, did the same thing for trinket, but no trinket…help please?

If it’s not showing up when you go to apply a weapon trinket through your inventory, you’ll need to file a support ticket. Note that it won’t show up as an unlockable item in your backpack but should become available immediately after unlocking it in the event progress window.

I have the same issue. Will follow the advice to check the Unlock Earned items tab.

Would have been much easier if Maurice simply mailed the items.

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There are secondary challenge trackers as well, which may be why it’s all on that same page. It looks like this event may also be building in systems for future events as well, given the addition of an on-off menu switch.

Where is the Unlock Earned Items Tab on PS4? BTW this is what I am seeing. Again, got the ECHO skin, but no 50 gun and no trinket. Meh.

Yeah, really, just mail the darn things.

You can’t highlight the 2nd and 3rd chests? They’re not open yet even though they look ready to unlock (like the first one.). Can you get them highlighted with the RS at all?


Gonna try. Not seeing how to click individual boxes.

Well, heard back from 2K. They recommended actually shutting down my PS4 for a while and coming back to it…and I can’t believe it but it WORKED. I can select the crates now (thanks for pointing out that they weren’t opened; couldn’t even navigate to them before). So, got my lewtz, and hopefully the problem is solved. Thanks again. I can’t believe “try turning it off and on again” worked, but there you have it.

So here is a good one for you. I play on PC. I have been killing Hearts and Maurice has been talking on and on. I checked the event section and all it shows me is the Halloween event with 1 done. I did all but 1 section of the Halloween event. Work gets in the way of fun…lol
So how do I collect for the new event when it doesn’t even show up or how do I change to the new event in the event section so I can receive my rewards? I don’t have a way to adjust event but I have been killing hearts off and on for 3 days.

Try restarting the game. It sounds like you got a cached hotfix file lurking in your system somewhere.

I play on Xbox and was never able to get the rewards. I played during the event. Broke over 100 hearts. Got the achievement progress, had the event enabled, never got the screen that would let me claim the rewards. In fact the screen is still on the Bloody Harvest rewards claim. How can I fix this? I have shut down and restarted my xbox multiple times.

At this point, you unfortunately can’t - the event ended with the roll-out of today’s hotfix. I’ve mentioned the issue of folks who for whatever reason couldn’t or didn’t claim the rewards before the event ended to the Community Manager in case it’s possible to reward earned items retroactively via the Social function.

If you could see your progress in your echo, it was the same tab/page?

I couldn’t see the progress in the echo. The echo only ever showed bloody harvest. But you DID get the little onscreen notification prompt when you hit each milestone, you know, the one on the left side of the screen that always shows up for everything you do in the game, like killing 1000 dudes with a grenade, that sort of stuff. Maurice would also tell me every time I hit a milestone. I just figured that the rewards would show up when the event ended or something. I have just now submitted a support ticket with the issue. Would be pretty lame and ■■■■■■ if there’s no way to claim them now, even though I’ve played the event and the progress was clearly tracked.

I had the exact same problem - Maurice telling me I’d get a gift and no way to claim it. Now the event’s over and I don’t get to claim them at all?

I have basically been told by support (in a not very caring manner) too bad so sad, nothing they can do better luck next time. Thanks for playing,. So yeah you can’t claim it now. Sorta BS. Kind of angry about it.

As an update, the Community Manager has passed this situation on to the dev. team, since a lot of folks appear to have been caught out.

Same. Hope they can do something about it