Not getting Golden Keys for lost character saves

I lost a level 50 Moze due to gearbox’s incompetence with save files. I then submitted a support ticket. Which they responded to pretty fast. (That’s the only good thing they did good) After the first reply and getting my info it then took them a week to get back to me. (Way to slow for how big of an issue it is) They told me I would only receive 25 golden keys for my 60+ hours lost. Now they are trying to tell me i’ve already received my keys. Even though I have not. This has got to be THE WORST game technically /customer service ever.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. You should be able to confirm whether or not you’ve received keys via the shift web site itself as well as the in-game menu. I would suggest replying to the last email from the support desk and provide screen shots of that to confirm the keys have not been awarded.

As for the response time: support for BL3 is being handled primarily by the publishing partner (2K), so response times can be variable simply due to the number of titles they are supporting.

I have sent screenshot proof and i know why im not receiving them its because there are 2 different VIP accounts linked to my gearbox account somehow that happened when i first made my account. Great job on that by the way def. not a broken system. And because of this you are sending golden keys to an account that has never played a game before. So superb job on that one too.

Keys should be going directly to your SHiFT account, not your VIP (which is a totally different system). If you ended up with two SHiFT accounts, you can ask shift support desk to delete/disable one of them.

And choose “SHiFT” as the game issue.

Finally, thank you for giving me some useful info idk how no one told me this earlier.