Not Getting Golden Keys

I bought Borderlands GOTY for PS4. I have the Handsome Collection linked to Shift. All my Borderlands games are linked to Shift. I didn’t get a single gold key. Everyone else has 75 gold keys. I am supposed to get 75 gold keys for buying this game when I have Handsome Collection. The website now says I have 5 Gold keys but no keys in my game NOT 1!. HELP ME NOW! I am supposed to have 75 keys

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When you go to do you see an entry for “Gearbox Loyalty Rewards”?

I can’t help you but I have a shift account but the game won’t let me log in to it

1 second lol I just need some help on this problem.

Did that but nothing showed up. I was supposed to have the 75 keys already because I have the Handsome Collection.

Is your PSN linked to your SHIFT account? You can check on the SHIFT web site.

To be clear, you have to have played BL2 while signed in to the same shift account on the same system (in this case your linked PSN account) to get the loyalty rewards. If you’re not seeing this in your shift rewards record:

then for some reason the system has failed to recognize your prior BL2 activity.

Yes. However I do have 5 keys for the BL prequel. I would like my 75 for BL GOTY. I heard some people say you only get that on PC. But I have the locked chest In my game.

I forgot i’m different PSN name

I signed up for Shift after I got BL GOTY. So does that mean I will never get my keys? grrrr

I think so

It’s a feature of the game now, so it will always be there whether you have any keys or not.

Possibly? I don’t know if launching BL2, signing that in to shift and playing some, then re-launching BL1 Remaster will work. It depends on whether the check is only done the first time the game starts up or not. I suspect it’s first time only though.

Edit: I’ll add that there will almost certainly be more key codes for BL1 R posted via social media channels, and I know you can also get them through the BL3 VIP Insider program.

Aww that sucks. I should get a code or some kind of reward for this. I see people dancing around with 75 keys getting special weapons. However I did use a code to get 5 keys on the prequel. A code should work on GOTY hmmm.

Yeah I did that. I tried launching BL 2, beating Knuckledragger and hitting a checkpoint. I also made a save on the prequel.

All I can say is: this is BL1, and while the golden keys are nice to have, they’re really not that big of a deal. My first key gave me two blue rarity assault rifles, so the loot level is more variable than the guaranteed purple or e-tech from the BL2 Golden Chest. (That’s also a BL1 thing - very different loot system compared to BL2/TPS.)

So do you need Steam version to get enhanced so you can get the keys? How come I see a locked chest in town? Is that just a permanent locked chest? I have 5 golden keys in the Prequel. Why not in GOTY?


You need BL1 R keys: when you walk up to the chest, you should see a little icon/message appear to the side indicating how many keys you have. Keys for TPS only work in TPS; keys for BL2 only work in BL2.

Yeah Vault but I have 0 (0) keys. You mentioned the chests are varied. Like the original, are they random?

They are random in terms of what they spawn when you spend a key, yes. You could get any mix of gear types, each with randomly generated parts etc. The chests generally have some restrictions to ensure that (a) items will always be on the player’s level regardless of what level the map currently is, and (b) that the items will always be of higher quality/rarity. For example, the Sanctuary Golden Chest can only spawn purple or e-tech items. The one in Fyrestone generates loot according to the BL1 loot system, which uses something called “Awesome level” (along with parts) to assign the rarity. So, depending on the item and parts, it could be blue, purple, or orange rarity.

Oh for example, if I opened a chest didnt like what I got I could quit/reload like in the original or I’m stuck with what I got. I used to wait till the next day and go back to a chest. didn’t need a gold key.

Haven’t tried that, tbh.