Not getting legendary when farming :-( on Xbox one

Hi there Gearbox,

When i’m farming for legendary guns for playing the game further i don’t receive any of the drops :frowning:

Even when i’m playing with friends and they suffer the same faith.

Please some help with this thank you

Unfortunately it’s all random, I’ve spent days killing the same bosses over and over to get the drops I want, for a friend to come and say ‘yeah got that 1st try’ .
There is nothing to really do game wise but to keep trying/killing stuff …things will drop eventually I promise😀 happy looting.

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Like @ScaryCartoons said it can be tedious at times when you get nothing after multiple attempts at farming certain gear, but be sure to stick with it.
One question though, what have you been doing as your farming methods or who have you been farming for what gear? If you post what you have been farming specifically and your methods maybe someone can help you out a little better.

Even when i open chests it is 90% of the time white or green, i need players in the game for a little bit of chance of getting better loot and that’s taking the fun out of the game :frowning:

Battleborn isn’t that good to be the replacement of borderlands

Trying to get the conference call from the warrior of sorcerer, but it will not drop even after a few days

Usually when I had a bad run like that I would take a break and go do other things to find other weapons and then come back to it later on so you don’t burn out. I would go farm savage lee for a Harold, make a run to the hodunk or zafford clan to farm a slagga or Maggie. Those are pretty fast and easy runs and then come back to the conference call farming for a little while. Get some other goodies in your backpack to get your blood flowing for another warrior beat down session.

I have those specific guns already so don’t see the point of getting them again actually

Well if all you want us a conference call all I can tell ya is to keep pounding away, I attempted to help ya out. If your online try hitting up the trades thread if all else fails for ya. Good luck and happy looting. :blush:

as said above it’s just random. RNG is showing it’s butt to you. I believed everyone was lying about the Loot Train in the “Mercenary Day DLC”, been farming/playing that DLC from day 1 and had never seen 1 Legend or Pearl from it until about 4 weeks ago when it gave me a rapid infinity, Now I’m working on my second string of zip from it.

as thebigguy79 just said gotta keep plugging away at it, remember its a low chance for a legend to drop and an even lower chance for a specific one to drop.

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The very first conference call I got from the warrior was after numerous kills, the bad thing is it was pre patch and it was stuck under the warriors body and my buddy and I couldn’t reach it! Lol so we just kept hammering till we got what we desired. It can be disheartening though which is why I suggested taking a break. I don’t even wanna talk about the infinity farming! :confounded:

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I hate Doc Mercy.

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Ok i’ll take the advise of you all in consideration and " like you are advising " pounding away for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

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I’ll be online tonight again for it

Actually, you don’t. More players means more enemies, which is where the “more loot” thing comes from. And certain types of drops (such as ammo and health) do scale with number of players. But opening chests or the chance of a named boss dropping a legendary? The same.

One thing to remember is that bosses that can drop unique heads or skins AS WELL AS legendary weapons etc. have a 1 in 10 chance of dropping ONE of all their designated drops. So you may get a head or a weapon, or neither.

If you’re particularly looking for boss drops, you might find this helpful - incomplete at this date, but most of the information you need is covered either directly or through linked posts:

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