Not getting past gearbox intro

Hey I know it’s old but I’m trying to replay this game and it keeps freezing on the load before the start menu. I’m playing the one downloaded off the marketplace with no dlc’s. I’ve redownloaded it twice and even moved the files to a different save device to see if it was my hard drive. Nothing is working, I messaged gearbox support and they said they can’t do anything and to try the forums so here I am.

same here also having the same problem, cant get past the gearbox intro on the xbox 360 s model, it freezes before it can even load the main borderlands screen, other games i have on the 360 hd works fine, also re downloaded 3 times already with the same results and no dlcs added yet.

It sounds kinda dumb but maybe there’s something in the dlc’s files that could fix it?

Is this also the download version, or a disk version?

If disk: If you break back to the console “desktop”, can you install the game on to your internal drive? (Should be an option if you select the disk and choose the “Manage” option, which IIRC is Y)?

If download: What happens if you go into your purchase/download history and click the “Download again” option?

@VaultHunter101 digital, bought mine through ms store, yeah i’ve done that 3 times through the purchase history to the same results.

@mranarchy95 who knows, it could fix the issue maybe?, though, i’ll have to wait for now to find out, kinda broke at the moment to buy the dlc’s lol

Did you try contacting MS? If two of you are having the same issue with the digital download, it sounds more like a problem on MS side of things.

Cleared the system cache a couple times. Works fine now :rofl: microsoft support is way way more helpful than gearbox support lol.

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I’m having the same issue. I downloaded the game from the store and without the update it works fine, but after updating it it will always freeze at the intro screens, like you said.

I did try clearing my system cache several times and each time it did the same - worked without the update, busted after I applied it. Redownloaded it twice, changed storage devices, redownloaded xbox update, no dice. Usually I wouldn’t care and would just play without the update, but I bought it to play with a friend over xbox live, which I can’t unless it’s updated :c

Any ideas? I’ve already brought this to MS support and they said I should come here.

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I had the same problem, but clearing system cache on the disk it was installed on fixed the problem.

Will the problem come back if I download the update?

All I can suggest is for anyone experiencing this issue to file a support ticket. If clearing the cache fixes the issue but installing the title update causes it to freeze again, please make sure to mention this in your ticket. I’ll ping one of the GBX reps as well, just so the team is aware this isn’t an isolated issue.

Also just to confirm: this is all the 360 native version of the game, purchased digitally through the MS store, correct?

In my experience, yes. Applying the update always broke the game again. Removing the update via cache clearing made the game normal (as in playable)

Thanks for trying and for the info! I’ll file a ticket, and hopefully this will alert the right people and solve the problem!

Also just to confirm: this is all the 360 native version of the game, purchased digitally through the MS store, correct?

Yes, this is correct.

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For anyone else trying to fix it, it seems like a dead end. Here is the reply I got for my ticket:

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that as the Xbox 360 is an older console, not all updates will be able to run due to the contrast in software. That’s why people experience the issue only after installing the update. I wish there was more that I could do for you, and it pains me to say this, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you with this issue.


Well that sucks. I’m guessing the update only works on the backwards compatible version of BL1, which means it will only work for those playing the game on XB1.

I’ll ask, but I’m guessing this has something to do with the way the update system works within the XBox ecosystem.

I’d believe that. Ah well.
Thanks for all the help, though!

@mranarchy95 i only done the system cache clean once on the 360 hd, i’ll give that a try as well running it a few times, wondering, did you let your borderlands 1 get updated after clearing out the system cache on the xbox 360 version? even though i’ll give it a try, also @VaultHunter101 many thanks for the help on the replies and trying to figure out on the issue :slight_smile:

Essentially what I’ve found is, Don’t update the game whatsoever if you want to play it. I also tried a number of different troubleshooting methods and that’s the only thing I can find. To be honest gearbox haven’t really helped with this issue and when I emailed them last they seemed to not really give a ■■■■ about it just saying it’s an older game and they can’t do anything about it (Which I understand), they offered me shift keys for BL2 or Pre sequel but I have neither. It’s frustrating because I just wanted to play a game which you can still access and purchase on an online platform but their update makes it crash. Thanks @VaultHunter101 for the help man, really appreciate it.

If you should ever update to XB1, BL1 runs very well on it through the backwards compatibility feature. I think it looks better, too, although that’s a pretty subjective call.

@VaultHunter101 yeah, though currently i don’t have an xbox one, wish i did otherwise i would play on there instead heh, i just have to make due on what i have for now lol. Again many thanks for your help :slight_smile: @mranarchy95 ah ok, though that sucks, at least i can still game on bl2 and the pre-sequel, still, wanted to play the first one though heh, thanks on the update of the situation :slight_smile:

I just didn’t wanna have to buy it again on PC. Did play through 2 and the presequel on xbox one though. So good!