Not getting past gearbox intro

Not sure what to do the game just updates itself. When i “Decline” the update it sends me back to dashboard.

All I can suggest is that you file a support ticket with GBX (link in post 11 above) AND Microsoft. Gearbox haven’t released an update for this game in several years, so it’s unclear why it should suddenly break like this. The more people who file support tickets on the issue, the easier it will be for the relevant staff to identify the scale of the problem and potentially get a bead on why the game has stopped working.

Same issue for me and only possibility I found out is to clear system cache and then login to the game with a profile which is not connected to Xbox Live (I just created a new profile and I am playing the game with it).

Again same here, BL1 on the Xbox 360 has not worked for me since an update about a month ago. Like everyone else the game freezes on the Gearbox splash screen and refuses to load.

I can play the base game offline and not install the latest updates if I delete the system cache and redownload the game, but without the updates it refuses to acknowledge any of the DLC packs I’ve purchased in the past and install them even though they show on my hard drive.

I would love for this to be sorted sooner rather than later please as the game in it’s current state on the Xbox 360 is broken.

Please file a support ticket with both MS and GBX if you have not already done so, and specifically mention both the update and the inability to play the purchased DLC without it. I’ll also update the relevant GBX community staff.

Edit to add:

If they were digital purchases, I’m guessing it’s because you aren’t signed in to XBL (to avoid a forced update) so the system can’t do a licence check? If that’s the case, I’m wondering if you could still play in local off-line mode if you booted the game off a BL1 GOTY disk. I have one at home, so I’ll give it a whirl; it will have to wait until tomorrow evening though as I’m otherwise engaged tonight.

Thanks for reply, I’ll post tickets tomorrow night when I’m home.

I boot the base game from the digital version I bought a while back off from the Xbox Market Place, although I am tempted to try and pick up a cheap second copy of the GOTY disc and try that (one of the first editions as that was the only one that had the dlc on the disc not codes).

I’ll let you know if and when I manage to get a copy whether it works including the dlc playing offline without the forced update.

I don’t think that would necessarily make a difference if you already had the DLCs physically present on your hard drive? The system should only check whether the disk you inserted is GOTY or vanilla game.

Also, do you know which version of the 360 you have - original, slim, …?

Guys, gearbox basically said that they cannot do anything about this. Since developers aren’t working on the game. It’s sad but you just have to play on pc, an updated console or offline local play without updating :cry:

So just a little bit of an update on this: there’s a possibility that the issue may be restricted to older versions of the 360 hardware/firmware. As a reference point, I was able to load and run my game fine without being prompted for an update. This is the BL2 full GOTY version, running on a 250GB 360 S (Oct. 2011 manufacture date).

If it is an issue restricted to older versions of the 360, then there’s likely not much that can be done since both the game and the hardware are long out of active update support by the relevant companies.

If you are running on older hardware, I would suggest keeping an eye out for a deal on an XB1 if for no other reason than being able to transfer your saves (via the Cloud Sync folder on the 360) while your older console is still working.

Where able to start and play without the update but cant access DLC`s now. Guess i need to transfer to XB1.

If you have an XB1, you can set up and move your 360 saves into the Cloud Save folder on your 360. You can then simply put your BL1 disk in the XB1 and it will download the full version of the game. When you start the game on XB1 it will launch a virtual 360, and you should have full access to all the could saves. It works pretty well, and the game runs very smoothly inside the VM.

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Looks like they just stopped caring about xboox360 users, it’s still broken.

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Hey, game is working right now!!!

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Yeah, something must have been changed. There was a full digital update on the XB1 for the backwards compatible version waiting for me when I popped the disk in tonight, but it was not a GBX update at all. I’m assuming something got tweaked on Microsoft’s end of things?

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Yup, can cofirm also. Had no optional download or update but on the cloud anyway so I think it does it automatically anyways…Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 1 seems to be working again on the 360 with optional upload of character too. Rejoice!!!

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