Not getting past level 150

So I am at a point where reaching higher levels becomes aggravatingly slow, having already prestiged for almost 10 times and a global bonus Damage of 3700%. All my chars I use (Rath, Orendi, Thorn, Ghalt & Ambra) have all items at legendary quality, but nothing really changes.

Once I reach that mark, every progress becomes an unbearably slow crawl, taking up to 10 minutes to reach the next boss and up to an hour to get enough crystals to augment the next character, which only speeds up to process for a few levels before becoming a crawl again.

I blast through the first 100 levels in just an hour, so I don’t quite understand why the scaling becomes so rediculous. Well actually I kind of do since I played way too much ClickerHeroes. It is the character limit of 5 and the general limited damage one can produce do to there being no system equivalent to Hero Souls. Even artifacts that should scale infinitely (like tap + global damage) are limited.

Sooo, anyone any good suggestions on how to finally move on a couple of dozens/hundreds of levels?

Edit: Now at 5100% Bonus Damage… I reached level 158 sarcastic applause

Yeah, progress slows to a snail’s pace around 150 even with 5700% damage bonus. I’ve just been prestiging around 100 as it’s the most time:mythstone efficient stopping point and trying to get all the artifacts. Maybe there’s one or two I don’t have yet that’ll make it go faster.

Anyway, I rather suspect that it’s a soft cap until the next content update is released, which will make the next hundred or hundred fifty levels more accessible.

Geesh, I hope this is intentional, cause the number 1 player is at level 1000 or something, making me suspect him of hacking (which I am aware of is possible already) the game.

Still, 150 is quite a short softcap.

he couldve spent like 5,000$ on loot packs to get shards you never know q.q

I have all the artifacts and all the legendary items and the progress is too slow. Let’s hope that will change with a new update. All you have to do is to play until the 75 lv and then prestige. The progress start to become slow from 85lv and above.

True, though I hope nobody is so wasteful with money ^^

Yeah, seems like the best strategy, I too hope progress speed will be increased.

Does anybody know if Gearbox, 2K or the actual developers care?

Seems like they’re just trying to add the rest of the characters for now. No news on blance changes or events /: [quote=“Radical, topic:1500937, full:true”]
You can check out Bee Square Games’ Twitter or the Lead Designer’s Twitter for upcoming updates for Battleborn Tap.

So far it seems like they are focusing on adding new characters such as ISIC, Shayne and Aurox, Kleese, Reyna, and Kelvin.

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Uh okay. Well… that is mostly disappointing, despite having the rest as well is fine.

The global damage bonuses on the gear apply even if you’re not using that character. So don’t stop focusing on gear if your main 5 are full legendary. Get everyone to full legendary. You’ll see that your damage bonus increases when upgrading gear no matter who it is.

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