Not getting patches?

I just bought the handsome collection and installed but there is no patch. From what I’ve read there are supposed to be at least two patches (one 16gb and one 7.7gb) but I’m getting nothing. No notification when I select the collection or when I start up either game.

when you install the HC you automatically get the 16 GB day one patch i think

the 7.7GB fix from the 19th of May is another story… when i first wanted to start the HC after the patch it was like doing a very tiny download before that finished after a few seconds… i started TPS and its the same thing that you had: no notification, no waiting for the 7.7GB to download, im pretty sure there were no 7.7GB eaten up on my hd too.

In the matchbrowser its shows the version you are using, and for me it says BORDERLANDSTPS1.0.2, which seems to be the most recent version.
But i still got connectivity issues that were supposed to be fixed by that patch to the point where at least TPSs online part is completely broken for me

Have either of you tried a hard restart of your console, rather than just letting it go into standby mode?

yes, i did several hard resets and i reinstalled the whole thing… still the same, but thx anyways

I tried that. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the games but the patches still don’t seem to be showing up. I did get one patch after the reinstall but it was only like 3 gb. Nowhere close to the 20 gb or so that should be happening.

You already have the patch.

As joejoe84 says they patch downloads automatically when you install the game. There is no update prompt.

Even if not, this would be a bug in the update system in the Xbox OS and nothing Gearbox could help you with.