Not getting the VIP Maliwan SMG (Dangerous Vault Hunter)

Hi there! ^^

So I had some problems on release with pre-order items not showing up in game and such but I solved that after a while. However, when it comes to the VIP Maliwan SMG I’m not getting an in game email or anything.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about that old problem with boxes not ticking, all boxes are ticked for me, I’m just not getting the weapon no matter what I do and I need help. I got all boxes ticked before release in case that helps.

I’ve logged in and out of my SHIFT account and it didn’t help, I also verified the game on the EPIC store as that fixed the previously mentioned pre-order stuff not showing up in game but the SMG just doesn’t want to show up no matter what. :confused:

Also, for the few that will say that it’s pointless because it sucks as a gun, weeeeell I don’t care… I want 100% of this game! xD AAALL THE GUUUUUNZ!!!

Good luck in getting a response from any dev/gearbox people … I have this issue as well as other items too :confused:

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Damn bro… :confused: oh well, I made this post as I didn’t find any info on this anywhere else. All I found was the box not ticking thing. As for the other items not showing up try varifying the game like I did, might fix it, not sure however as some say it doesn’t fix it but you can try. ^^

Anyway I am off to sleep. Posted this to see if I get responses in the morning. But hope they fix our problems my dude. ^^

See you around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I put this here for future visitors. I contacted 2K support and I now have the gun. Issue solved. Thank you 2K/Gearbox! ^^