Not gonna lie, I love the t2 skins and taunts

All the rogues are awesome (except reyna as usual lol) and little stuff like original nintento controller Isic, Warcraft fel demon kelvin, samus Galilea, Lord Raptor Shayne, night elf Thorn are all cool. Flame paint job Toby is bad-the-puck-ass, too. Few too many “zombie” skins though (Shayne, phoebe, ghalt, rath, kleese, etc)Shayne and kleese are awesome about it.

Also Shayne’s new taunt makes me laugh and smile to no end, complete with music and razzledazzle lights lol.

Can’t quite tell what they were going for with orendi though. The bright blue and pink doesn’t look like ANYTHING. Cool to see her with clear skin at least. Maybe a t3 skinn will be her hatless.


I really like Rath’s skin, Benidict’s taunt and skin, Shane and Aurox…
Some of them are just pallette swaps. That Orendi one can go in a faction loot box. I think they headed toward a jester/clown but then the clown was pelted with birthday cake and got tossed in a blender.

Don’t get me wrong, I would totally wear it, but I sure as hell ain’t paying for it.

Oscar Mike’s skin needs a rotating beacon on his helmet and a make siren noise when he’s sprinting.

Hey dont diss reyna lol I actually bought her skin because I main her and if you get her lore she’s basically a pirate who is also a momma bear of sorts to people who get rejected by everybody else…most of the skins are pretty cool I love the orendi one(mostly because I’m a wrestling fan and it reminds me of the new day lol) but some of them are just…well…blah


Dude if I wasn’t so pissed about the prices of the skins I’d totally get Orendi for that same reason. I love The New Day and I love horrible color blocking, especially if it includes pink.
I main Reyna as well but I must say I don’t like her skin one bit. The white hair just??? She could have used a cool hat, a parrot and a peg leg. If they do something like that for T3 I’m game, but then again… I’m not game for buying anything T2 before a significant sale happens cough

Other than that I love Rath’s skin. It actually is tacky and super edgy, but I love it for that same reason. He’s like some wannabe cool dad who went into a Hot Topic and bought the most obnoxious stuff he could find.
El Dragon is cool too. Let’s my wrestling heart beat faster. And Thorn is nice, I love the dark feeling of it, same goes for Alani.
I would love ISIC’s skin if they animated his skull, I think it’s really missing that when he taunts.

Most other skins feel really bland though and I still stand with that they shouldn’t have been pay-only, especially when you consider how lazy most of them are.

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Agree, I don´t really like her skin too… For the hair, I´m thinking her skin is a SoulCalibour reference (Cervantes/Ivy) ^^

That would explain why it feels so tacky to me. Ivy has one of the most ridiculous designs I’ve ever seen. Well, it’s from Japan. Land of many hideous designs and sexism, so what did I expect haha

I like the idea of Reyna’s skin, but I think it’s too close to her yellow and gold skin. Maybe they should have chosen a different color scheme and NO white hair.

Ahh Reynas is ok I bought it just because I love everything about her character…some of them do feel rushed but that could be because they were feeling pressure by the community to release more skins. The pricing is a whole different conversation they should’ve just let you buy a specific taunt/skin without having to buy platinum currency.

I still think the best skins were going to get are the ones the season pass holders are going to get for free…some of the best skins from the borderlands series were the ones that released with dlc packs.

Your right about raths and thorns skins though they look awesome especially thorn

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As a owner of the season pass I really hope so! Once Gearbox (hopefully) blows my mind with the season pass content I’ll throw my money at them as if they were a bunch of hot strippers jumping out of a cake.
I don’t hate the MTs, nor do I hate the seemingly rushed skins. I just hate that I didn’t get anything for my season pass that made me feel appreciated as a customer (yet) and that they rather implemented MTs than take steps to bring people into the game.

GBX usually does right by their season pass holders(I got the season pass for all bl games) although I haven’t got this one yet I fully expect them to do right by sp holders. Maybe they should give you guys a little bit of platinum maybe enough to buy 2-3skins and a taunt

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That makes me really want a Captain Scarlett: Pirates Booty skin for Reyna.


Probably the ONLY time benedict actually made me laugh.[quote=“silverkhaos, post:1, topic:1517729”]
Shayne and kleese are awesome about it.

I want this skin only because it’s pink :slight_smile:

I think the SP-skins & taunts should/will be as cool as the DigitalDeluxe bonuses - Personally I´d save up for the DigitalEdition JUST and ONLY for the friggin awesome superamazing Orendi Handpuppet-Taunt :sob:

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I dont usually pay attention to preorder/dd bonuses because companies will almost always put these things for sale somewhere down the road. I give it another month n well see all the gold skins for sale. Which I am perfectly fine with

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I don’t get the dislike of the Reyna skin! I think it’s the second most sexy (just behind the Mellkinator.)

But the Shayne and Aurox taunt is absolutely the best addition of the whole bunch. Freaking adorable.


I love most of the taunts, and a few of the skins. The taunts are much higher quality, imho.

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Agreed! It’s almost enough to get me to start playing them! In fact, it may be enough…

How do view the taunts? I just see the thumbnail.

You got to check them up on the respective character tab instead of the marketplace tab.

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main character screen to preview just like watching all the other ones and changing skin color.

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Man now u ruined the reyna skin for me lol now I just want that

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