Not gonna say it's gonna be easy

Borderlands - UVHM (does it go that high?)
Pre-Sequel - UVHM
Borderlands 2 OP8 (a long road for this one)

I’m still trying to figure out who I wanna be for this…long road I’m putting myself on but I believe I’ll be Roland, Wilhelm (maybe Jack idk I love both pet classes) and Axton. I’ll be using these characters and I’ll be playing through each game until I reach UVHM (than I’ll play UVHM with the DLC, won’t even be touching the DLC until I reach UVHM)

Before I do this I just wish to ask how hard will this be for these characters…should I use someone other than Wilhelm? I like the guy but I know he isn’t THAT strong of a character.

In Borderlands 1, “UVHM” is called playthrough 2.5. You can find more information on the wiki page.

2.5? Alright thank you for clearing that up for me. I wasn’t sure what it was called :slight_smile:

Anytime. As for TPS, I’d go with Jack because Wilhelm was rather underwhelming when I played him. Then again, I haven’t played since the last patch, so he may have gotten a boost like Maya and Zer0 did.

I haven’t played TPS that much, but I did play as Nisha. When I got that dual weilding pistol skill, I was a god XD. I recommend trying it. Her skill is super easy to use (btw), just press the skill button and instant headshots. I liked using Hyperion pistols, but I think she gets a buff with Jakobs? As for Borderlands 2, I use to main axton on 360, but I tried out Zer0 when I got Handsome collection. I thought he wasn’t a good character at all (on 360), just a filler character, but now I have fallen in love with him. I definitly recommend trying him out sometime. (Side note: Zer0 has a very, very steep learning curve if you are gonna play him as a melee character.)

I’m just using the characters I listed. The only changes are either Wilhelm or Jack on who I should be using. I’m not really interested in anyone other than the ones I listed.

If you play with lasers or cryo+explosive, Wilhelm is pretty good. You may want to talk to @Johnrr6. He’s the most active Wilhelm expert that I know of.

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I’m currently doing an all OP8 run with Axton using Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build. My weapon load out for it is built around fire weapons for now- Hot Hail, fire Brisk Avenger, fire Interfacer and DPUH for FFL moments with an Explosive Fastball to help as well. At Bloodahot Stronghold right now about to rescue Roland…

If you’ve always wished Roland’s or Axton’s turrets could be told which target to prioritise, go Wilhelm. If you find the rest of his play-style a little bland, start over with Jack.

I’d also suggest doing this order:

BL1 (at least PT.1, General Knoxx, and Claptrap Robolution)

Then go back through PT.2 etc., TVHM (BL2 then TPS) then tackle UVHM (BL2 & TPS either order). Save the OP levels for last, and alternate with the other DLCs and Headhunter packs (BL2).


  1. A little variety helps, so switching between games is good
  2. Although the events described in TPS occur between BL1 and BL2, the background narration and certain missions contain major spoilers for BL2. Since TPS is told in flashback after BL2, it makes more sense to save it for later. (Plus, some of the jokes will make more sense that way!)

Roland is very good for solo in BL1. Wilhelm is fine in TPS, but maybe a little tough for EOS and Eclipse. Jack is simply awesome. Axton is badly underrated, and very well suited to solo play through OP8.

I actually was planning on switching games during times I’ve finished one playthrough so haha thanks on suggesting that :slight_smile: Though I was gonna do TPS second but you make a good point so I’ll do that one last. I’m still a bit unsure if I should use Wilhelm or Jack cause I love both characters but outta both of them Wilhelm is easily my least played.

You also think I should do General Knoxx and Claptrap Robolution in my PT.1 ? Why is that just for the extra Levels or the loot? If I remember right Roland enjoys using the “Ogre” (I"m gonna be using Heavy Gunner) and haha…ugh farming for the Ajax Ogre is gonna be killer -_-

Its cool if you don’t use the characters I listed. :smile: I was just listing fun characters to play as if you ever finish. I guess I should’ve stated that XD my bad

They give background sotry on parts of BL2 and TPS. It will ground lot of references in TPS especially

Mainly for the story connections to the following games. Check the Wiki page on BL that @Gulfwulf linked in his post, though, because there are some caveats as far as levelling and rewards go. Similar information is also posted here in the Borderlands Discussion area:

Wilhelm may not be oozing super powers, but he’s still mighty strong with the right weapons and skills, same as everyone else. Kind of like Axton.

I’m sure you probably already know, but yeah it could take awhile. OP 8 is a very long road, but there’s plenty of fun along the way. Lvl 70 in TPS might be equally long, it’s a slog and rather redundant. As much as I love me some Borderlands, I’ve never managed to get a character past 61 in TPS, it just takes too long and I get bored with what few options are available.

Lol yeah that’s why I wanna see if I can do it. BL/BL2 will be super fun, their always a worth while of fun…it’s just TPS as much as I love the characters really lacks outta the three D:

Outta all of them I believe, that’s the one I’m kinda dreading on doing over and over again.

And I’m back again…lol just one question. I’m nearly finished with my BL PT1 (Almost done with General Knoxx) would you suggest doing the Mad Moxxi’s DLC in PT1? It’s by no means a fun DLC, alot of doing the samething over and over…but hey once I finish it I get one free Skill point <3
1 outta 2 of the free ones in that DLC

I never did it - always died on the first arena. I have heard rumours that it’s easier on PT.1 if you join the game of someone who’s much lower level, but it is still pretty tedious to complete the whole thing. You could try posting in the Borderlands section to see if someone wants to co-op on it.

I have a 63 WIlhelm on TPS. Probably done 7 or 8 resets now. He doesn’t have a huge learning curve, Wolf + Saint combo are great. He doesn’t put out the damage of the other classes, but he does have great survivablity with his pets.

I would definitely play BL1/2 in between resets. The DLCs are not very expansive, however Claptraps is a lot of fun! Unfortuntely due to the short story, and lack of DLCs, leveling gets pretty slow when you get to UVHM. You will be doing a lot of resets if you are planning to push through to OP. Co-op definitely helps though!

TPS doesn’t have any OP levels; level 70 is the highest you can go. Personally, I don’t think it needs OP levels because of the lack of content in relation to BL 2. If it had more story DLCs, then I would go with OP levels. As it is, just getting to 60 is a slog.