Not just frequent crashes-- can't even launch without Xbox shutting off

Hi All- I’m using a launch day Xbox One (Xbox One S not X, I guess?)- I’ve installed/uninstalled/reinstalled the game multiple times and still can’t get the game to launch. In addition to not launching the game itself, the entire xbox shuts down at the same place-- right after claptrap runs across the screen multiple times- a splash screen shows for 1 second and then the entire xbox shuts down.

I’ve seen lots of threads about random crashes IN GAME, but this seems different since I can’t even get to the first menu of the game.

Anyone else? (I’ve just submitted a ticket to gearbox support)

EDIT: Just reinforcing-- no messages of overheating, not crashing when joining a game-- I’m not even able to LAUNCH the game-- it shuts the whole console down

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