Not Keen on Being Green (possible spoilers)


So I just got Rath’s 40-point skin in the latest Op, right? I noticed a trend…

Thrill of Battle (lime green/sunflower yellow, given at character level 14)

Fixed Bayonet (mint green/black, 40-point skin from Oscar Mike v. The Battle School)

Woodcutter (forest green, 40-point skin from Phoebe & the Heart of Ekkunar)

Someone on the design team really likes green, huh?

They’re all green so far.

Attikus and Toby OPs had best skins, these have been uninspired to say the least.


Yeah, green on skins is way overused. I actually dislike that color on all characters. (+ so many battleborn have default green skin too)

Oscar Mike needed more green, Kelvin too.

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I think the favored approach to Green skins, is keeping in mind of the many camouflage players.

I usually tailor my skin decisions based on the map I’m on, to blend in as much as possible.

Overgrowth is abundantly popular so the green skins do well here to help you blend in better.

That’s my take on it, at least.

I will agree though, the skins have mostly been a bit…hmm how would Alani put it “meh” ? Yeah, Meh.

Does that really help though?

I mean with things like reveals, outlines, x-ray vision, and that life bar above your head… that and when you move or shoot?

That and players are used to looking for cloaked players…

Not to be mean to the peeps doing the skins but so far all of them are pretty horrible.


I at least think the green ones are the best green ones they have made

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I dunno, I like the Green skins :smiling_imp:

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This is for real just baffling. I don’t care how lazy of an artist you are, how little time you have, how small of a budget. Anyone could come up with two colors to slap on a skin. Ask the janitor to choose, I don’t care.

Instead of at least a little effort, we get 50 shades of green.

I was hoping for either a red/white or blue/white skin myself.

But after looking at it a bit more, I’m feeling the forest green.

Green is an okay color. In moderation.

Try this! It’s got 3 colors which I know might be a little tricky, but I’m sure you can take one off and not disturb the design too much. It’s a random generator to make sure you are not accidentally picking any colors yourself.

To be fair, I think the color skins are 3 color not 2. Light, Dark and Highlights/Glows.


Ok the correct names are: Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight. But not only that, but lighting, reflectivity and all that can be tuned per skin material (which is how you can get shiny gold on the 85 Ops Attikus skins). It’s not just a matter of slapping in 3 colors and being done with it.


I am merely poking fun at the color palette choices themselves, the appearance of the colors in game varies per character because it is, of course, not just plain colors on a flat plain surface.

But the green skins really do just look like different shades of green, with dashes of other colors mixed in.

The standards set by the Attikus DLC seem to have been a little too high, in many aspects.

Pardon me for all the sass, but I’m… How would be the nicest way to put this… A slut for cosmetics. I’ve actually bought games just for the character creation. So when it comes to this stuff, I expect a little more. I also know Gearbox can do more varied color palettes, they had a rather large offering in… previous games, however limited the customization otherwise was.

St Patty’s day must be someones favorite Holiday… But us pros never need a reason to cheers.

I’m thinking the colors are leaning toward the natural homeworld.

I thought the same thing. I was so happy to hit 40 ops points only to be bummed once i saw it was yet another green and black skin :confused:

I was hoping the skins would have the same icy effect that kelvin’s skins have since there are crystals every where, there are even crystal encrusted thrall you have to investigate.

Not just green we have purple skins all over the damn place. Green and purple must be the favored colors over at GBX. We got purple from mastering a character, Tobys op, Montana’s op, Pheobe’s op. Just putting it out there that there are other colors and not just purple and green GBX.

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Honestly it is lazy.

Feels more and more like assets are being moved away from Battleborn.

I hope they give us codes for cyber skins and gold skins sooner than later!

Or alter the DLC skins retroactively? As they have time?