Not my cup of tea

First, thanks immensely for the invite to the Technical Test. I just don’t have the skills needed to play Project 1v1 since I don’t have a background in competitive area shooters. So far I’ve played four matches and lost every match after scoring only once or not at all.

I’ve been a huge fan of Gearbox Games for years. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Borderlands and Bulletstorm and bought Aliens despite the reviews.

The maps feel claustrophobic and easy to get lost in. I mostly ended up running around trying to find the other player, and often died immediately after I saw them. The R key ability in the default card loadout was the only thing that let me score.

Is there a way to relinquish my place to another player who has better skills and be a more productive tester? I would still like to considered for testing future games which don’t require as much FPS skill.

I do like this but I do agree that players of boarderlands, bulletstorm & battleborn like us prefer the kill AI over other players. Call me old fasioned but there is less stress and more character with plot in them. I do give gearbox credit for doing something different but other developers have games like this and I am hoping that this game will not be coming out in an over saturated market.