Not played in while but got 2 questions?

question 1, why cant i download or find dlc for 2 and 3rd dlc ? as i do have season pass , question 2, any decent xp farms from 52-60 as not played since level 52 and no idea of any good xp farm now if honest.

What platform?

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ps4 , as wanted to just get 60 i guess and have dlc on downloaded ready for when they add max level etc.

Try searching for the DLC in the PS Store and downloading from there. Auto-download does not seem to work on PS for a bunch of people.

i have checked the store from main menu of game but only shows 1st dlc which i have alreadly downloaded ages ago , but could try that as when i go ingame to dlc link kinda nothing shows

It’s definitely in the store; don’t know why it isn’t showing up through the game.

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Yeah, just type their names into search in PSS and should be ok.

I had the same issue I had to search the full title like ‘borderlands 3 bounty of blood’ before it would show

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yeah now just to farm xp method for my amara and zane as just want to keep up max level i guess for now until all dlc is out then can farm gear properly on it

Think someone mentioned earlier scraptrap. That’s what I use. Loads of videos about it on YouTube

yeah seems to be few methods so just have to see which i like though my only worry is level 52 guns wont be good for xp training after 55

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also confused by the big heads ? anyway to turn it off ?

Check Mayhem tab in ECHO.

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Dlc 3 has a ton of new weapons. If you are playing on a highish mayhem level the drop rate should be decent. Some of the guaranteed quest rewards are awesome too.

not doing dlc till max is out if its like 2nd one which is one time event per character, though currently trying for decent mayhem 4 gun then can slowly build up on mayhem modes as doing freddy at moment for drops and xp

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after much thinking goal for me is to get my zane and amara to 60, and build on cutsman guns as any will do (get best mayhem version i can by 60 along side certain certain shield for zane and amara) and hopefully recurring hex then will work on mayhem 10 items once max level is out as dont see point going mayhem 10 yet until 4th dlc is out and im maxed.