Not Really A Bug As it is Map Flaw(Not Sure if it Was Intentional or Not)

When playing one of the story missions(Vold’s Edge) were you guide a Sentry Bot down a path were you come to a gate, at the gate were you are suppose to send 1-2 people up a ledge to Break a Power Crystal to power down the gate to continue guiding the Sentry Bot down the path, But you can use Benedict’s Liftoff skill to send yourself up on to the platform, and personally I think that is “A-little Cheaty”, but i’m not sure if this was intentional or not, or if this is a detail to point out to the developers.

And this is not a exploit! So don’t treat it like one.

I wonder if Mellka, Whiskey, isic, Phoebe and Thorn can get up there too. Cal could I reckon, but it’d cost his ult.

Tried it with ISIC in the beta. He can make it up there too.

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