Not really tech support, but guidance needed

Don’t know where else to post this to get the right input, but here’s as good a place as anywhere. And I’m sure it’s been talked about, just can’t find it.

I prefer Xbox style control layouts, just works better for me.
I use an Xbox Elite controller on that platform.
I’m looking for recommendations for the best alternate on PS4.

I currently use a wired controller (don’t even remember the brand) with that configuration, but it has two issues.

  • Wired
  • No back buttons

For the second I have become addicted to back paddles on the Xbox elite, I generally map them to stick press, since I find stick pressing to interfere with movement and aim at times, as well as being a hard press.

I have tried the Scuf Vantage, and the back paddle placement is just not right for me, I can’t comfortably click them. On the Elite it’s a simple squeeze of my finger, quick and accurate. On the Scuf I have to reach, and that doesn’t work well.

Long-winded way of saying;
What is the optimal Xbox style wireless controller with back paddles for the PS4?
Thanks for any input.

1 Like This link is to an article talking about The best ps4 Alternatives I personally can’t speak for sony or any ps4 player since im a xbox player however i reccomend searching up controllers and what they do to find what you need …

You should probably find a controller similiar to that you might not find the same layout though. I can’t speak for ps4 controllers so good luck…

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I settled on the Razer Raiju tournament.
It’s OK.
First off, the included usb cord is way too short for me, glad it’s bluetooth.
Configuring the back paddles and shaker strength was easy with their app.
However, there isn’t (or I can’t find it anywhere in the app or on line) a way to set curves for the sticks, which is a little irritating.
IN use it’s fine, just takes some getting used to. It’s taller than other controllers, so the distance to reach the d-pad and buttons is a little longer, and the topside buttons are a little smaller, so just time.
IN play it works fine. Again, I’d like to be able to adjust the sticks, maybe someday.