Not received platinum

I bought the 3500 in game platinum for $19.99 and never received my platinum anyone else?

Try and go into the marketplace and in the bottom left it should say somethong like refund purchase, do that and rebuy it and see if that helps. Hope this helps :wink:

No option to refund purchase maybe because I’m on console?

I just bought the 9300 platinum pack for $49.99 awhile ago and I have yet to receive any platinum. The purchase history option doesn’t show anything for platinum just in game earned credits.

I’m on the xbox one btw.

EDIT: Seems I got it earlier today when xbox stopped having problems.

Same for me, 3500 and nothing showing up. Took the money right away (received email from PayPal), then about 5 minutes later I received the email from XBOX. 20 minutes later still nothing plus now in the marketplace the tab where you buy the season pass or platinum is no longer there. Things that make you go “hmmm”


EDIT: Noticed an alert on XBL with issues for ingame purchases for COD/BOIII - maybe related and BB is having the same issue.

EDIT2: Showed up today so just some delay I guess. Hopefully for you others on this post yours showed up as well.

I also have made purchases and have yet to receive my platinum. I waited a day and still nothing. Who do I direct my problem to on this? Would it be Microsoft?