Not Receiving Experience Points in UVHM

I just started my UVHM playthru and noticed I was not receiving XP for enemy kills or missions. An hour into UVHM mode and my experience bar was still blank at L50. I tried reseting the UVHM and restarting, but no luck. Cleared system cache and re-downloaded patch and compatiblity pack, but still not working.

My coop partner was unaffected by this issue. I tried playing solo to see if that made a difference, but was still unable to gain experience points. I would appreciate any suggestions on resolving this issue. Thanks.

Do you have the UVHM expantion Pack, IE Holodome or Claptastic Voyage?

I have no expansion packs/DLC installed.

I think that’s your answer. If I remember correctly one dlc allows 50-60 and another 60-70.

I’ve been away from the game for awhile and didn’t realize that leveling was tied to the DLC. Thanks for the replies.