Not receiving gold keys

Hey there, not sure if I have this in the right place or not.

I redeemed a bunch of shift codes for gold keys about a week ago. Still haven’t showed up in my inventory. In the main menu of the game, I select extras and then proceed to the shift code screen…it says that they were redeemed. But they aren’t there. What gives?


If quitting the game and powering off then restarting your console then the game doesn’t fix this, you’ll need to file a support ticket. As far as I can tell, there is a potential sync issue if you redeem the codes on the web site while you have the game running. Regardless of the cause, it does seem to be happening to a few folks right now.

I’ve done all that, so I will fill out a ticket. Thanks!

ive been using the old shift site for non vip regular shift codes.