Not Receiving Shift Code Gift After Redeeming Using Webite

Since this is the only place i can think to put this;has anyone had any problems with receiving the anniversary Spooky Heads after redeeming using the shift website? I own Borderlands 3 on ps4 and at the time when the heads were available i had no other way of redeeming it, so i used the website. After typing in the code it says that it has redeemed, but now that I have access to my ps4 i log into Borderlands 3 to see that the items were not awarded. I check the reward history and its not there either, but on the website it is in my redeem history. Is there a reason why it is not giving me the items?

Images below showing a screenshot of the website saying i redeemed it and a photo of the reward history in game.

Edit: Forgot the other photo

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Not specific to the spooky head but there has been some rare issues with redeeming codes on the website. I lost a lousy key myself.
I’ll start with the mandatory question:
Did you check your mail? (In game under social.)
I guess you did but…

If so you can “file a ticket” at Gearbox Support.

One thing I almost forget to mention. When you redeem codes on the website. Make sure you have the right platform selected but from your pictures it look like you’re good.

Thank you so much for your input, i just sent in a ticket about my problem and if anything comes of it i will update my post. If this is a problem on their side i hope it doesnt affect anyone else because this sucks. Once again thank you for your help.

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