Not recognizing Moxie's Heist DLC

When I launched Borderlands 3 today, the game said it couldn’t open my previous save from the Handsome Jack planet because I don’t have the Moxie’s Heist DLC on my system. Yes I do. But suddenly I can’t use the weapons I got from it either. What’s the fix? I haven’t made any changes to my system.

If you’re on Epic launcher, make sure you are on-line - apparently, it fails DLC licence checks in off-line mode. Otherwise, verify that the DLC (or season pass) is still showing as owned by your account.

Thanks – you were right. I don’t know what the network glitch was, but when I went back in the game I was able to access DLC content.

This keeps happening to me intermittently. Each time I check and I’m online. I suspect the problem is with the game servers.

It’s not technically doing the DRM check with ‘game servers’ (because there are none). As I understand it, it would either be the Denuvo system failing to connect, or something within Epic’s own systems failing to connect to your purchase history. If you have access to your router logs, you might want to check if you’re getting more frequent network errors/packet loss.