Not so legendary loot?

So I’m just going through the new DLC on M2 and must question the gun drops of legendary value. Sure it’s great, but the damage is bad. Like I just took down a Badass shock loader and it dropped a legendary. The damage is a mere 273. Are these legendary guns for ants? Should be getting stuff in the 1k

The only thing I’m seeing as worthy atm are class mods. The guns have been lacking the specs that scale for my level.

Which weapon and character are you using?

Idk man i’ve gotten all the legendaries from the dlc and alot of them have pretty cool effects and I have been using them to wreck m4 content.


If you’re a Borderlands vet you should already know that you can’t judge a gun on it’s stats.


The gun in question at this moment is an anointed popular b*tch. 273 damage and even more so it includes a -32% Weapon Damage. So yeah…I will be judging this gun.

And I’m using Siren lvl 50. All my equipped guns/grenades are well over 1k

…nor on its rarity :+1:


Yeah, fire rate still matters to make any kind of comparison. Without all the stats and a knowledge of the inherent qualities of the gun, abstract numbers don’t really mean anything.

The Bitch, for example, can come with an Amp Shield while you ADS and gets a lot more powerful than it’s stats suggest when it’s got it.

You’re frustrated, I get it, but unless you start providing details not many people are going to agree with you. Not because you’re wrong but because they can’t tell whether you’re right or not.

That smg took a hit when hyperion got a nerf for overperforming; about the same time queenscall and lnt happened
But @G1R
The -32% weapon damage only counts for body shots; is negated by the critical hit bonus, since its main schtick is accuracy (pinpoint asap) it’s alot easier to hit criticals


I’m aware, I just used it as the example because it’s what he said dropped. :wink:

Back in the day there were some insanely powerful weapons that never even had flavor text. I’m looking at you Double Anarchy. The best aspects of legendaries (generally speaking) are their abilities. There’s usually a whole lotta gimmick exploitation in end game builds. Transformer + shock tediore mirv

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Me it’s random loot dropping from guys designated in the spreadsheet that say something else. Borman is a good example of this. I got a Cov pistol and a hornet yesterday after 4 hours from the closest checkpoint. It’s very frustrating for me and other players when the loot pool is too random and the drop chance is further reduced by other weapons having the off chance to drop in that enemies pool. My humble opinion another fix should be looked into to address this further.

The minus 32 percent is already accounted for on the damage. And it’s an smg. That’s standardish damage for one

So that bitch is a world drop from base game not dlc and you want it to have 82% crit buff if possible because base damage is low when you shoot like a laser.
If you get a Hyperion SMG called cheap tip that is dlc and I’ve seen alot of stat variationss. Really no lucky sevens or the guaranteed ion cannon?

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I thought I would add a little personal experience from the DLC, it was literally figuratively mind blowing. Every single boss dropped orange gear for me. In 2 particular moments I got 4 orange from a boss. I bring this up because my guardian rank points after maxing all 3 were put into luck. If I recall correctly it sits at 18%. Food for thought anyway.

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This ion cannon you speak of, is it a rocket launcher? If so I got one.

All I’m saying is that id like it if weapons would drop around my level. This one didn’t seem to do so :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes the ion cannon, What level are you?
I’ve had one or two lvl 49 legendaries drop in the dlc for me but those were also base game world drops.

Level 49 stuff continues to drop for me, even on M4. Do I need to be in TVHM to make that stop? Mostly annoying when I get a cool legendary, but it’s only 49.

I wasn’t playing TVHM because I didn’t want to repeat the whole story. I thought even M1 would scale to level.

The gear itself isn’t what’s affecting the level. It’s the parts of the gear. It’s been awhile since I looked at the explanation (BL Knox era). Let’s say your gun has 5 possible scopes. Scopes 1-3 can appear on any level gun. Scope 4 only appears on lvl 50 guns. Scope 5 can only appear on guns under 50. So you get a legendary with a 5 scope, regardless of the other parts your gun cannot be higher than 49. Obviously the other parts would be comparable to scopes 1-3. This is RNG at work. There was a thread called Item fails of the day, where you would post how RNG screwed you. I remember getting a Pearlescent shield (beyond really rare) that had a 2k capacity. The shield normally had 10k capacity. Now this next part is very important. GBX gave everyone a ton of rare gear, they just didn’t give us the best rolls on stats. This was intentional. It starts up the hunt cycle.

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Ah, good old RNG, my nemesis. My best (worst) item fail was a highly sought Deathless, with Knife Drain.

A good portion of my complaints about itemization and drops would be relieved if the drop-engine was a bit smarter in how it applied modifiers. Not everything should be godly, as you said there is a range. Damage/capacity along offers a wide variation, plus elements, anointments and other buffs. There is still plenty of reason for grinding.

I wonder what their reasoning was for having the part determine the level of the weapon instead of the other way around. Higher level weapons should have better parts. Sure, while leveling, I often used items far below my level because they just performed better than what I was getting.

But if a higher level version of that item dropped, I would expect it to have better stats. Do you have any level 49 weapons that you use over their level 50 versions because of the benefit of a level 49 part? I honestly haven’t looked closely at anything that is below level 50, unless it’s a rare legendary or something new to me.

I got a 49 Cryo Faisor with a Gamma Burst Anointment, which, until the same weapon drops at 50, will beat out any other Faisor in my build for Fl4k

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