Not sure if I like how they did the end game!

I really liked this Borderlands, haven’t had this much fun with a ps4 game in a long time, don’t know if I’m losing interest in gaming because I’m getting older (cough 32) :sweat_smile: but it’s a real treat to come across game like this… but being one of those people who likes to point out certain aspects of a game. Imo I wish gearbox would change there formula for this series, like instead of making you restarting all over again is to allow you to keep playing with your current (Fl4k) or even a low level character (moze) In the same game you just beaten, correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it not be to hard of a option to go through a previous beaten game and play whatever map you want now that theres enemy scaling? (Heard that on the Borderlands show episode one) but yeah back to my point I really want to be able to enjoy the shooting and looting and taking on bosses wherever I want too with characters I just leved up a bit but not fully, without the distractions from the story or path its laid out on. I don’t see why gearbox can’t pull this off. I’d rather play true vault hunter mode in this way and feel more rewarded by playing wherever with a new or some what leved up character to be able to level up that character fully in that fashion. Don’t get me wrong but I loved the story as much as Borderlands 2 but it just in the way now. I can’t see myself playing another 2d 11hours for all the characters to get through the story again. It’s funny it says that but in reality I’ve been playing since it came out (Sept 13) and its Oct 2 now. Imo I think this game had something like this the replayability would be amazing, it would be a 10 out of 10 for me and that’s my wish for the next Borderlands game they bring out.


For me personally when I tried to speedrun borderlands 3 it took me 2-3 days, so 8-12 days to get each character to the end, which is why I would really appreciate the option to skip the campaign.


What end game? There literally isn’t one tbh. Everyone complained and left the presequel and if people give this game a pass when it’s essentially exactly the same set of sins then I really don’t get it. Drops are better in BL3 but how long will that keep even the hardcore around because i’ve been bored for a week now and either forcing myself to play or just using it as an excuse to hang out with a few friends that are still playing. Withholding a raid until at least 2 months after a game launches seems a pretty bad idea IMHO.

I have been in heavy opposition to the loot nerfs + world drops style of play, they need to either give us a specific place to farm every legendary, or revert the loot nerf to restore the Diablo 3 style loot system.

I’d like to see it so if you finish the main storey on normal and you make a new character they ask you if you want a normal character or a tvhm character …selecting the latter puts you straight into tvhm at say level 30

Also once you’ve unlocked every fast travel in tvhm resetting it allows you to still have access to those maps … So you can replay your favourite map

I remember resetting uvhm about 100 times just to play the captain Scarlett dlc … I loved it that that much

Probably spent more time there than any other map in BL2

Also greed was the best gun

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Suprisingly they a similar thing with that just in the last DLC for bl2

First of all welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Not sure if what you refer to is endgame. Sounds more like replayability to me because your examples are based on new characters rather then your level cap characters.

If classes are different enough they will justify going through the same story again simply because your approach and how you handle encounters is diverse enough to make it a new experience. Maybe another class or build favors specific guns you ignored on your first run…or couldnt benefit as much from as you can now.

I usually dont mind going through the same content again tho repetition is a factor of course. But knowing what lies ahead of you and what to expect considerably speeds up your progression on repeat attempts, thats for sure. Your first run usually includes exploration and all the side quests you can grab, both of which dramatially add to your played time for that character.

As far as the real endgame goes. I am just now standing before it and have to say I am not too thrilled based on the videos I ve seen so far.

I sampled the slaughterstar arena event and while its fun and action-rich it also has massive issues which add to frustration more then fun. You have your guardian tokens which affect all your characters on your account so even lv 1 chars. Its not much tho so might not be a good enough carrot. Proving grounds sound like the RIFT system from Diablo and I never really was particcularly fond of timed encounters which add pressure on me. I like to take my time and be “thorough” if that makes sense.

Pretty much every progress based game I played suffers from this.

World of Warcraft was really bad once you hit level cap because if you were unable to get into a raiding guild or put in enough time to make raiding a viable option you were left with daily quests and thats all.

The Division has a story arc leading you to previously experienced areas and encounters, even the ones you dont like but you do it because of the story. Once you were through the story and at level cap again…just the dailies.

Diablo 3 pretty much is endgame from the start because the game doesnt really “begin” until you hit 70. But suffers from the same problems.

How maps are designed, the vista and various enemy camps are of no importance when I have no reason to go there. When I log into the game and it doesnt throw some objective at me but rather asks “what do YOU want to do today?” I instantly lose interest.

You prolong that interest by objectives in various forms. Your build requires specifc items to work properly. Gearboxs decision to make the majority of the gear world drops already torpedoes this because it leaves players without an objective other then “just kill stuff until it drops” when before going after a specific target provided a sense of intention and goal that kept up your motivation. Not every boss was instantly accessible. Often enough you had to go through advance camps running or clearing your way to your chance of great riches. Where is the reason to go after a specific Boss now when almost anything you need can drop from the trash MoBs beforehand?

Sometimes you dont realize what you had until you lose it.

Borderlands 2 is something like this. I personally was groaning inside when I thought about a specific drop I wanted and knew what Boss to kill for it…over and over. But now that I can neglect or disregard almost any boss and instead focus on trash mobs instead I gotta say…this is worse. MUCH worse because even tho world drops benefit casuals or people who go through the story with a new character it takes away goals from maxed out charcters.

A BL2 system “forced” variation on the player by making him go visit different places and overcome different challenges.

All you have to do in BL3 is to go through ONE encounter (the one which is deemed “best” for reward/time aka any of the arena events) and that sounds boring as hell. Sure you can visit any area you like and do any boss you want at any given time…but whats the reason?

Thats equal to “hey I can just climb this mountain and enjoy the vista”. We all know its not the vista that is the fun…its the way up. The vista is simply the reward that forced you to go through the effort in the first place.

Borderlands3 approach is akin to installing a lift to enable you to enjoy the vista…it wont feel the same…

I disagree … And here is why

I really want a bloodletter class mod , I thought pain n terror will be the fastest and beat option solo, katagawa is D#£&, so I ran the gauntlet killing everything to get to the boss … First run I get 7 legendaries … 6 from the mobs up to the boss one from the boss, it fell through the map but my list items got it.

I then did the turn off turn on thing and ran the boss about 12 to 15 more times, 1 hour I spent and did not get a single drop of the gold variety.

So I returned to sanctuary , when I found the earlier lost item, cleared my inventory with Marcus and ran the whole thing again

This time I had 5 legendaries drop … All by the mobs leading up to pain n terror

Now while I’ve never been one for farming this is my first time … Didn’t go offline as I need the hotfix for the increased drop rate on certain bosses which I’m told this week I can get my class mods on … I’ll be honest after two hours of logging in and out to rinse the same boss not only was I bored I didn’t get a single drop after the first run from him, but the fun part the gauntlet to the boss not only was it more fun but also technically more rewarding both item wise and personally … As each time I managed to fair better and do it quicker.

My point is … Looking at how much loot i got, I think it’s more lucrative to have fun on the whole map than just log in n out at the boss