Not sure what's happening

So I’m farming katigawa Jr m10 tvhm but every time I kill him iron bear just randomly explodes lol
Anyone else notice this?

Iron Bear kills himself extremely easily now on M10 if you’re using one his splash augments. So Rocket Pods / Exploding Bullets / Grenade Launchers / Hammerdown Protocol / and I think the corrosive lasers

Nope using caparm on both and I’m halfway across the map lol its not an issue just weird and confusing xD

Maybe the shock generators are insta killing IB ?

Actually nvm. I just reread your post. It happens once you kill the boss? Yeah, i have no explanation for that !

Hahaha yes and I’ve got +10 SSB and am wearing a multivitamin so Iron bear has like 1.7m armor plus half that as shield xD