Not sure where to post.looking for friends on ps4

sorry mods if this is in the wrong place. looking for new friends on ps4. all my friends started playing overwatch and say theyre done with bb.

Add me, same name, Avelier :slight_smile:

sweet. will do so

Psn Lleed add me

add me: Sai-Madus

I’m down psns phillish

I’ll play with you
PSN: SebassTheHotShot

sweet. thanks for the replies, guys

Add me. A friend and I usually play together and have been looking for chill semi experienced players. Prefer mic and party up but mic not needed. XMakeitrainredx

Add Collinizer I am on regularly and often mix it up between PVP and PVE…

Add me please, PSN Yummybear222

Ha ha had a bunch move over to overwatch too, but they still play battleborn because after 1 or 2 matches of overwatch they get bored :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I play generally at night after work. I am in EST. Here’s my PSN; The_Endwalker

Psn is Yinoko

You can all add me, burn3385

You can add me aswell: psn: FaintE1337, started a few days ago.

Feel free to add me PSN: Mortisaetas

PSN: SneakyBison. Have Mic, really looking to complete Advanced Missions, but I am down for playing normal as well

You can add me, my psn id Kimvegard92 i enjoy Pve and Pvp

Feel free to add KeldBjones to your friends list, and check out our group on the100 if you like as well. Cheers!

I need more friends too anyone looking for pvp/pve friends add capt_dabs710