Not sure why they are called cards, it really makes no sense

They seem to just be sorta… modules? or slotted abilities? I guess you can call them cards. The problem is in this CARD HEAVY gaming environment I was expecting to throw cards down mid battle yugioh style and was surprised it is just a run of the mill shooter. A good shooter. But just a shooter. The cards seem to only represent 1 thing: new players are screwed, existing players will be gods

It’s a timesink aspect as well as a loadout aspect, really. They’re cards because you can collect them, and you want to collect them to upgrade them, so you play more to get more cards. But the fact that they exist doesn’t make the game unbalanced - you’re gonna be playing players around your skill level if you play ranked, and upgraded cards are ‘flattened’ for Arena mode so their upgrades don’t affect casual play. I’m pretty sure the idea is meant for more fast paced ability/counterability play though. The different decks give you the capability to make tailored responses to different playstyles that you can switch between as needed.

The reason its called card is probably to try and ride the hype train on card games. I don’t see any other reason. Its basically modules or a loadout, but whatever.

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I agree honestly, I thought it was a strange way to phrase it. It honestly kind of felt like overwatch abilities, except instead of changing my character, I’m changing cards. I think the gameplay could be solid if done right, but I don’t like the phrase cards either.

I don’t know, for me, card has a negative attachment to it as all those phone games that scalp you for all the money you have are all card based level up the star rating to boost stats money sinkholes.

I would personally try to distance the design as far as possible from that. But after the card boxes and the level up system. That kinda seems like what they’re going for.