Not the Why Are You Still Playing Thread

To anyone still dwelling on a game they don’t even like:



waiting for fixes so I can enjoy the product I purchased.


We used to. Until GBX changed it to a mess.

This was my original M2.0 meme:


I’m… surprised my comment got moved to a separate thread? It was just meant to be a light counter to the attitude of the OP, and the point was that the answer to both questions was more or less the same.

We want to and think it’s worth our time. That’s it.

Yes, the comment was a little sarcastic, but I’ve seen far worse be allowed to stay, and it was worded deliberately to be related to the topic. It wasn’t made with malicious intent, and I certainly wasn’t the first person in that thread to change the topic. My comment wasn’t even intended to change the topic.

So if a mod could explain the move, I’d appreciate it.

Edit: ALSO I wasn’t saying people aren’t allowed to have problems with the game. Not ignoring the experiences folks have had. It’s the constant shock that anyone else could enjoy the game that irks me.


Oh this makes sense as a thread on its own too though. :ok_hand:t2:


Because the game was arguably fantastic when it was Normal-M4.

Now it is such a dumpster fire, the dumpster changed its name to flaming skip, and moved to the U.K. only to find out that even the majority of the Anti-Brexit crowd didn’t want it.


Because I love to complain about stuff in the most annoying way possible, especially when I’m clueless about how to fix a game.


I second this.

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Same here. Game was good before m2.0 and they could improve on that. The scaling introduced by m2.0 was completely unnecessary (or poorly implemented, if anything). The game is still good, mostly carried by fun and borderline op guns like critical thug, but it has a lot of issues (e.g. guardian takedown being extremely annoying and unrewarding, basically a waste of content until they fix it, most guns are underpowered or overpowered - the general imbalance of guns and the general lack of endgame content that keeps you playing after you get your build together - you can farm slaughter shaft and takedowns so many times, we need other stuff to do).


because i love it! but sadly i don like it :confused:
there were many things in the beginning of the journey that gave hope but everything gearbox double down on was the worst parts of game.


I want to play but the game is a total mess and they continue to ignore it . The story sucks ( as in ava murdering maya) m2.0 destroyed the game , dlc 4 was slap in the face , forcing you to buy the raid ( bet ya they no had intention for a raid until people complain) the last minute lie in season pass two to try and save ava ( didn’t work gbx) no end game content in any way shape or form ( gbx could have made a PvP like battle born ) but at least they gave me a reason to haunt the forums .


Wish I even got to enjoy that. Our issue is we cant stand how small the UI is in this game compared to previous versions. Its so small and hard to read from a couch we gave up on split screen before getting to level 20. The feature is still broken and was is obviously untested on a console before it was released for purchase. Bought it to specifically play split screen just like the last installments but this one is just horrible. I have been told they are “Looking into It” and “Know about the issue” basically since launch and now they have just gone silent. what a waste of a purchase and slap in the face to fans who enjoyed the IP.


So, now we have two threads with seemingly opposite names, but pretty much the same content (and posters). May be it’s time to create a new dedicated section for people who do not play the game, given that thread separation did not really work here…

Edit: I’m mostly baffled why threads were split at all. ‘Dedicated section’ suggestion was sarcastic, but some thick skin individuals were immediately offended, it seems.


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Given how it has been nearly 2 years since the game released and they still have not fixed bugs and glitches from that time, I hold Zer0 hope that they will fix the game.

That said, I still had some fun playing it. While the main story was atrociously written and, again, the game is still buggy as all nine hells, it still had charm, some well done sections, and some good ideas that could potentially make a fantastic game if handled correctly and made to work as intended.

I still hang around here mostly for the occasional Golden Key code. When I eventually play the game again (and try not to think about how broken most of the skills and other things are) I am going to come back to a mountain of keys and POTENTIALLY a very different experience than I had when I left.

It isn’t that I don’t like the game. It is that it let me down so hard and continued to do so so long after release. The game can be fun. The game can be enjoyable. It is simply the corporate mishandling of things and blatant greed which frustrates me and drives me away.


As many times as people have had these discussions, why people still bother getting heated about it is a mystery to me.

Chill out people. It’s a nearly 2 year old game.


I came for eloquentrave’s thesaurus smackdowns. I bet those stung.