Not to be ungrateful or anything but...uhhhh...thanks?

Typhon Deleon says he is going to give me a weapon from the eridium gun and…“You’re going to need it”. Take a gander at this Destroyer killer…

Not a waste of eridium or anything. Totally worth it. Uhhhhmmmm…thanks?


Just progress further in the main story, it will get better

I know. I just found it amusing.

I mean, the Wolfhound isn’t even that bad of a gun. Although having Semi-Auto instead of Full-auto on a Dahl SMG is something I’d consider a flaw…

Yeah, that gets me every time. That thing needs to spit out better weapons. I’m not saying it should regularly spew legendaries or anything, but at least nothing below green…

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Last week (I think) some mega badass enemy appeared in my game and dropped a token to trade in at Earl. This was the only time I’ve found one of them so it’s got to be something special, right? So I trade it in and he gives me a white Vladof pistol.


Yeah, the stats on it aren’t even that bad but it’s still a white vendor trash item. Also, that was the second one he gave me. The first one he gave me was also white. I mean it just would make more sense that there was a min quality level for that part of the story/quest so that it wasn’t so stupid seeming.

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My son has started talking like Typhon Deleon and I love it. I only wish they made him a vault hunter or that they should do a prequel to the whole franchise with Typhon, Azlan Devega, Leda( met her too late though) and whoever else. That whip would be a awesome skill tree!!!


Maybe it’s a tribute to the player who used the white starting pistol from Claptrap’s locker to take down the Warrior?


This is a nod at the loot-o-grams in destiny, that usually came with the same dissapointing result.
However they DO have a small chance to be legendaries, as well as the rowan’s call legendary only being obtainable through the loot-o-grams.


I’ve heard in later playthroughs as you dump more E into his gun 1 at a time the results slowly get better and better to the point most of them are purple and legendary. however, this takes AGES due to typhon taking forever to spit out a gun, and then needing to speak and rest before you can hit him again.

I have had 2 Rowans as general drops so they are definitely in the world loot pool just may be rarer drop rate maybe? I know the other 2 guns Earl gives are also in the pool had about 42 wagon wheels lol.

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now rumor had it, that he does (idk if its a thing) drop a legendary if you give him enough eridium.

when i went through him, he gave a crap weapon as well. so i sold it. idk if it gets better in like TVHM