Not used new coms since release

Anyone else not using or/and farming for the new coms from dlc4?

Since it’s really hard to get good rolls on coms I just never tried out the new coms from the last DLC. I mean I have the choice of a lot good rolled coms like mind sweeper, bloodletter and rocketeer.

It’s just not fun to farm them and I have the feeling that I miss something but really don’t want to farm them. The problem is not that it’s hard or something. It’s just time consuming for no reason. Even with a pool of more than 10 stats I would like to see on a com I see so few of them.

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I got bombarded with an insane amount of Flare I was not even looking for, I barely used it once, I ve never seen any of Zane new class mod. The only ones I am using intensively is Muse for my melee Amara and Perigrine for my Fl4k bomber Rakk, I had a hard time to get Perigrine farmed Benedict for quite a while to get one.

Flare: spammed litteraly everywhere in insane quantity
Zane com: does it even exist ? :rofl:
Muse: appear sometimes although rarely
Perigrine: need to farm Benedict

Depends on the COMs themselves.

3 out of the 4 new COMs from that DLC are actually pretty good and worth getting (the 4th one is Zane’s Hustler which is just kinda bad), but the droprates are admittedly pretty horrible and it can take a long time to get them.

If you want to farm for them, keep in mind that Mayhem scaling doesn’t affect class mods, meaning you can just turn it down to M1 and basically one-hit any of the bosses that drop them.

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The last thing I want to do is change my mayhem level and reroll all the stats again. The problem is more the loading screen plus the drop rates and randomness in the coms. All other coms can also be dropped as world drops in the basic game so farming them is not really necessary.

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The com from dlc4 are world drops as well, only inside dlc 4. But the drop rates that are supposed to be equal seem kinda rigged at least for me but can be chance. I miss good ol days of dlc1 where every new com was literally in every trash bin you could find :rofl:

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I still farm for seeing dead in DLC1 :joy:

DLC2 had the best weapons for me…

DLC 3&4 I played once or twice and haven’t looked back since :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Balance (or lack thereoff) is all over the place

Zane’s classmods outside seeing dead are still niche builds…

I heard that fl4k’s from dlc4 is overpowered AF :joy:

They just keep adding layers without fixing the foundation… And the game was already wonky from the get-go


Well, I mean you could just wait another week and then just migrate to M11, meaning you wouldn’t have to re-roll anything.

Can be, but it requires a specific setup.

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They are, but the chances of that happening are astronomically small.

If you want the DLC4 COMs you really need to either farm their specific drop location or that one boss from the mission with the talking gun.

The mini boss from the mission where you re decorate Kriegs prison cell drops all the class mods . It’s by far the fastest farm for console players.

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So M11 is not part of the season pass? Because I’ll definitely not going to buy it. And what will be changed on M11 except for the reroll thing?

And like I said… It’s not the difficulty of the dlc. I kill evil lilith in about 40 sec including her immunity phase. It’s the drop rate, the huge randomness in stats and the fact that they are only obtainable in dlc4.
I don’t farm coms, I get them random from farming other bosses. Farmed mind sweeper once.

M11 is part of a free patch coming next week. M11 is the same as M10, just with no modifiers at all and 50% less world drop legendaries. I’ve been told that dedicated drops will not be affected by this change.

Perfectly put.

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M11 comes alongside the Season Pass but is part of a free update. And essentially all it does is give you Mayhem 10 but without modifiers and a lower chance for World Drops (and I think you also get less cash, exp and Eridium. Basically, the Mayhem bonus reward modifiers are half of what you get on M10).

I know that but this will not solve my problem right?

If you switch to M11, it’ll mean that you won’t have any objections to farming the stuff on low Mayhem, speeding up your farming times considerably, because you won’t have to re-roll M10 over and over again once you are done.

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great tip, the Caretaker is dropping coms like candies and he is alone near a save point. I ve seen all 4 VH com in barely 10 runs

Thanks I’d grown numb farming Lilith last week and stumbled across this on Reddit.