Not using Badass Ranks and OP 8 / YouTube videos etc

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Is there a reason why most people showing videos, mostly build videos and OP 8 ones do show that they don’t use their BAR ?

Would a high lvl video (OP lvls) be “invalidated” because you’re enabling BARs ?

Are there people that really lvl without BAR all the way ? or are they doing their lvling through OP8 with BAR and then taking it off for subsequent videos ?

Partly it’s to show that any random viewer can really do this too (without resorting to cheats such as voldemort.exe, the software that shall not be named!) If you’ve ever played with randoms, or read the complaints of those who’ve played with randoms, then you probably already know that there are some folks out there with frankly impossible buffs that turn them into one-shot wonders. So if you want to show off a really good build, or a neat strategy, it has sadly become necessary to prove that you aren’t cheating somehow.

The time trials require that BAR be turned off in submissions.

Ha ok…

But then if you show at the end of the video that you’re using BAR and it’s like normal reasonable BAR % like 12.8% here and 13.5% there it should be ok as well no ? Like right now for example I have 57k ranks and thus since I have 4 different characters I place % everywhere since it’s useful for everyone so i’m at 13.1% / 13.5% in everything : I always choose the lowest to rank up so everything is the same.

What’s a time trial?, killing Terra or Pete in less than X time?.
I guess it also counts doing Bar Brawl and stuff like that.

PS: voldemort.exe xDDDDD

Time trials thread. But you are right: it’s about killing raid bosses or doing arena fights in the shortest possible time.

Thanks Gulf.

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Since BAR can also be manipulated by turning it off it’s another way of saying ‘Hey, this is a legit method’…

Wait what ? :no_mouth:

Yeah, I had to read that twice as well!

What @Carlton_Slayer is saying is that BAR can be manipulated in ways that make it waaaay higher than it should be - essentially, a form of cheating. Showing that you’ve turned BAR perks off shows that you’re not doing this.

So yeah just a comma after the word “manipulated” would have helped I guess :blush: !

Misuse of punctuation- what I meant was "Since BAR can also be manipulated, by turning it off, it’s another way of saying ‘Hey, this is a legit method’. I was trying to infer that by turning off your BAR that that meant the build wasn’t unduly influenced by it. I should have stayed awake during English classes- or just listen to Word Crimes again…

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It’s to show that anyone could theoretically duplicate what they see in the video. People who make Youtube videos and play Borderlands for a living typically have insanely high BA ranks (like, 30% or higher in every stat). That way, it shows the setup is what’s doing all the work, not their super character who has been built up over the course of several dozen hundreds of hours.

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Ha ok thanks :blush: ! Makes more sense now.

So I can assume the corollary of that is that if one makes a video showing badass ranks and that he actually uses them it’s not going to be seen as bad either right ?

As long as they’re reasonable. If it shows boosts of 100% across the board, you know there’s something fishy going on…

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I have a bit less than 60k so I think it’s around 13% per stat (I raise them all equally).

All but 5 of mine are at 22.4%- really screws up nova shields like the FotF and Love Thumper…

Also, there are people who are incredibly skilled, such as MoLMF, who keeps his off in just normal situations, for whatever reason. That’s just because they’re better than us…