Not well thought out theory

Ok @Vicks_Toire here It goes

So as we all know, when the magna carta went offline, the magnuses went insane, but what if some were chosen by the magna carta for… well something

Marquis in his lore and bio, is said to have gone insane not after disconnection, but after an odd encounter with it. In the lore searching… for marquis, he briefly manages to connect to the magna carta to get the message of the great severance (which in of itself, sounds benevolent)and then after gets the hobo eradication protocol

Kid ultra in the lore shown today, is missing a profile, and gets disconnected from the magna carta, yet gets a specific protocol (most likely only this kid ultra, making it more suspicious), aptly named JUSTICE, and specifically says he is coming to save the magna carta

ISIC and as little as we know, NOVA, are not ever said to have an odd/specific reaction to the disconnect (ISIC can most likely be confirmed not too as he has no lore on the specific time of disconnect in his lore challenges)

OK that is all so the question is, does the magna carta have a plan with certain magnuses and or have a master plan, or am I simply over thinking this (the latter is very likely)


like the idea but i personally dont think it goes too far beyond The Magna Carta being a tether/dampener to the Magnus.
To do its job the Magna Carta would have to be connected to all of the Magnus at all times so them breaking during a connection might not have the significance you think.

I would think of it more as a personality defining moment
the moment they break free defines a part of who they are
for better or worse


Very true, it just seems odd, very odd, that marquis had and odd encounter with it, and that kid Ultra has a mission to save it (my other magna carta theories are 1. It straight up ditched when the varelsi portal came so the magnuses it was connected to could not be effected , and became corrupted by it (not like evil corrupted, but how a computer is, and I can imagine it being very proud and sad by how the magnuses are, while being very glitchy, and 2. It simply ditched and is lazy/lost faith in the universe so became a couch potato)

My thoery is that the Magna Carta was not a Magnus/AI itself, but a programm to sustain/enable the function other Magni as regulating factor. So I doubt it had any opinions, plans or intentions since it was not a sentient intelligence itself.
But it could be certain sub-routines were triggered when the MC went dark, leading Magni to prioritize strange things. (Like Hobo-elimination^^)

Maybe the programm known as Magna Carta was transformed into a real AI per accident, realising its existence in a flash before blacking out, which caused a huge backlash on all Magni that were connected with it.

I imagine the incident to be a kind of “Memento mori” for the MC and the tethered Magni. The new formed AI was destroyed in the Memento Mori, but the Magni went insane since they were unable to process this shared data , due to the loss of the regulating MC-pogramm.

At least thats a thought I had recently^^

I wonder if Magni, as they are true AI, have a ghost and how this would have interacted/interferred with the Magna Carta, in case the Magna Carta went dark shortly after gaining a ghost itself.
On some occasions Magni seem to be descrbed quiet redimentary AI, but in other lore-bits they are described as true intelligences…My GitS-brain hurts…

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Like spirits? (Also the only reason I believe magna carta is a sentient AI is because nova makes it seem like “yup, our practical god straight up bailed on us”

This could be possible
I dont believe at any point the Magna Carta was ever stated or was it inferred to have sentience.
In this universe True AI (the Magnus) arent created they just come into being. So maybe In the darkening The Magna Carta awoke

True, like ISIC is specifically mentioned to have come into being as a magnus later after the magna carta came to be and then proclaimed him as one (kleese lore)

Or Kid Ultra

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True to that too

Lol, just imagine that if the magna carta first came into existence as a true sentient, his first words are"holy ■■■■ what the hell is that"

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best to say gender neutral
havent even seen them yet

Oh dang, I Met its, magna carta for 2nd battleborn LLC DLC battleborn

The magna carta does talk like a human I geusse, so like a god magnus, on the generous refund policy “bad things happen,but not to the wealthy with the right agreements”