Not working claptrap disco

I went to show my friend the claptrap disco, When I got to claptraps the button was red and no action would trigger the event, Though it was ulocked on this account and previously working.

if you go to far into the room it locks for some reason.

I press the button from outside the door as much as possible so it always works



I wish I had known that before!

I thought it was a one time use only the first time you bring Clappy to his room in Sanctuary.

Good to know, thanks!

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Right? Guess I’ll stay the ■■■■ outa Claps room from now on!

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The dance song that plays is SOOOO GOOD!

I want it blasting all throughout Sanctuary, all the time!

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That reminds me I love the peacefully meandering melody that is in Sanc 3 now.



I just noticed it for the first time today because my Spotify randomly stopped playing.

It’s calming.


That’s why these forums kick butt!

It makes me so happy to read that!

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I told them how ironic it was that out of all the heartfelt and thought out posts I’ve created here, this silly satire post earned me that “nice topic” badge. The irony lol


I love when I get that badge!

Well done!

Veronica is absent too, guessing its a bug as I still get her dialogue, and I was able to activate it whenever I wanted prior to the last ipdate. Thanks for the sneek attack idea and press it befor it locks, as I did notice it being green just as I entered