Not yet Got BL3

I have been a true fan of the Borderlands Franchise but as yet I haven’t bought BL3. With all the
bugs and nerfing it is perhaps as well. There is one question I have that you may be able to help with. I will probably wait until BL3 is out on Steam as I do not trust the Epic Games Store. If I get the game on Steam will I still be able to play co-op with players on Epic Games platform?

A long time ago, the head of EGS claimed that this would be the case. There are no details on how that will actually work however- whether matchmaking would be transparent, or if you’d have to import friends’ lists. Hopefully that will all be cleared up some time in March. At this point, there’s no definite announcements or dates for anything, however.

I know this isn’t what you asked but wait till the goty edition goes on sale I have had so much fun playing this game on xbox but can not in good conscience not say this to some one looking to buy it also on the actual question probably not as epic are trying to kill steam off with exclusives it’s thier business model so I really doubt that they would ever allow any form of co-operation with steam outside of stealing it’s customers