Not your "first choice" character

While we all have our favorite chatacters; I am curious to see everyone’s response to the following 3 questions:

  • was there a character who you were really excited for and once you tried them you were disappointed with them?

  • in contrast, was there a character that you didn’t think you’d like and they surprised you?

  • and lastly, the original question, a character that you just can’t get the hang of to save your life?

As previously,The purpose of this thread is not bash on any certain character but rather hopefully a place where players can get suggestions on their weak characters, and share a few laughs.

For me:

  • Isaac: looked so promising as a moble turret kinda guy…oh the shame…

  • Benedict: I had zero interest in him and original tried him as a joke. I admit I was very surprised, once I got the hang of him.

  • and as usual, Phoebe…I…just…don’t…get…her!!!

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Benedict and Boldur are the two I just couldn’t get the swing of even though I know they can be potent. Whiskey Foxtrot also gave me trouble but I believe he needs tuning more than anything.

Sad I can’t play Benedict as I was a pretty decent Pharah, but his extremely slow reload and slower rockets make it an entirely different animal. Boldur I just couldnt get the timing down, he also gets shut down pretty hard if you miss anything.

Benedict, Boldur, WF and Kelvin.

Benedict, I have a player in my community who once went 30-0 with Benedict and denied the entire enemy team a single kill, he’s a freak lol, he once shut me down and when we started playing together it was a struggle for any of us to get kills, he often gets over 15 kills and 0 deaths which I just can’t comprehend despite being in many of those games lol. But for me, he feels too slow, slow reload, slow projectiles, slower than expected movement. Just not my cup of badass tea.

Boldur, ugh, he moves so slow, his attacks are so slow, he raises his shield so slow and moves ridiculously slow when it’s up. I just don’t like slow.

Kelvin, unless you’re chomping minions and stacking buttloads of health Kelvin is quite average it feels, I never had trouble killing him and only ever had trouble using him.

WF was not bad, not at all, but I simply do not like three shot burst. And with how sensitive the triggers are on PS4, I found myself only able to fire one burst several times because I had to completely let go of the trigger which was lowering what I thought my RoF should have been. Not his fault, just again not my cup of badass tea.

I don’t understand how to play Mellka. I don’t know what it is, but she doesn’t click with me. I don’t like playing her. I don’t even like her character. I want to like her, but I just don’t. Would rather play caldarius.

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Good topic! :heart:
I loved Thorn, but I simply cannot handle her… The game seems so fast and her gamestyle so slow in comparison. I guess theres a player needed with nerves of steel and perfect movement/timing for a good Thorn.

Also ISIC. I´m ashamed of how I played ISIC…

Ah I agree with this too much :frowning: I got wrecked by a few Mellkas but I could barely go positive or even get kills with her half the time :confused: Certainly not the “easy” character she is listed as, perhaps.

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Benedict took me awhile to get the hang of. While his play style is a much slower one, it is a fun one. I found him fun once I realized that he needs to be airborne to really accel. His reload speed is crazy slow but you do get a reload speed option later on that helps.

Try using his ability ‘hawkeye’ first to set up his basic attack. This is how I used him and it made a world of difference.

As for Kelvin…yea, I couldn’t get the hang of him either.

I think she’s easy, one of the most basic characters in the game in my opinion. She just requires effort to excell at, while someone like oscar mike can contribute a lot with much less effort.

Probably a high skill cap on her or something.

I only ever played against good kelvins, and I was quite good on kelvin as well. Best stun in the game, decimates tanks, has another stun for an ult, and does plenty of damage. I loved using him. Probably some of the issues playing kelvin comes from not knowing that you can press Q again to end sublimate early.

Mellka was a pain for me to get as well. She is the only character, that I can think of, that states ‘easy’ and yet I am having issues understanding.


Thorn, and I really wanted her to work for me. But sadly I am a run and gun type player and I just couldn’t with her at all. Ill try more I am sure, but she’s got me struggling!!!

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God Attikus, why…why don’t I understand how to play your bulky, slow moving, ***. No matter how many people tell me how good you are late game, I still manage to lose every match. Must be his little hooves…


Anybody that isnt Boldur, their axes do weird things like shoot stuff instead of swing and their shields never come up when i right click, i try to run up close and axe them and always die, THEY MAKE NO SENSE TO ME


Isic, whose powers make me nauseous as hell.

Galilea. I tried to play her and it was awful. She felt so sluggish and I couldn’t do anything to anyone (I know it’s me of course).

You don’t like Galilea? I should hate you because I love Galilea, instead I like you because everyone else likes Galilea.


Couldn’t play Benedict well, but that might be a different thing with proper gear. Especially Reload Speed is mandatory :dizzy_face:

ISIC also gave me some trouble, but I guess that’s more due to my playstyle. Although during the beta, I’ve only seen like two really good ISIC players, so I guess I’m not the only one who needs more time with this character.

At the top of my list would - ironically - be one of my favorite characters, Reyna. :cry:
Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like playing as her. But Reyna’s emphasis on party play and cooperation just never seems to work out with public games. I guess it’s because not many people play her (well), so no one wants to rely on her in a team.
Although some games also were the complete opposite, with people paying no attention to incoming damage, because Reyna is shield them anyway.
So while I would love to play her in a private game with friends, she’s the first No-Go-Character that comes to mind regarding public games.

If you’re on PS4 I’d be more than happy to add a Reyna to my team! We have a good mix of everything but most support players favour Miko over Reyna, I love Reyna on the team and sometimes prefer her having my back over Miko when I push, she’s better on the offense I believe where Miko is better for defending and locking down choke points. Miko early game, Reyna late game.

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Thorn. I thought she would be great, but just didn’t enjoy her.

Calderius. I thought he was so bland sounding as far as design, and he didn’t sound interesting. Then I tried him and felt like everything was right with the world.

ISIC. He is so funny, bjt I just couldn’t get him to work for me no matter what I did.

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I agree with all the Boldur “complaints”. He just doesn’t do what I want. He needs something and I don’t know what it is. (other than more throwing axe damage!)

@arcsteiiscool and @Slif_One

I really like Mellka, actually. The key, imo, is using her poison canisters and knowing when to escape. My favorite escape technique is to use the spike, then lunge into the air. One thing about her is that I can’t figure out when to use her claw attack… so I usually just don’t use it.

I’d say he needs attack speed, but he’s a tank and well tanks don’t really need attack speed, but I can’t use such a slow character, he moves so slowly as well you can’t catch anyone when they run though it’s not like anyone runs from Boldur lol.

Nice to see others are struggling with certain characters too. Although, I seem to be the only one that is struggling with Phoebe.

I tend to lose most encounters with her in pvp. I find her abilities lacking, most likely due to me playing her wrong. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?