Note to Gearbox about Battleborn

Please think outside the box.

The things that continue to make BL2 very popular can work with Battleborn.

It ain’t PvP :wink:


More details, please?

A huge number of people would stop playing if PVP was removed.

Are you saying the game needs more PVE content?


Yup. I’d be done playing.


As much as I love Borderlands, it got soooo boring and repetitive.

PVP, while frustrating as ■■■■ sometimes, offers such a unique and crazy and unpredictable “human” element.

Keeps it fresh!



As much as I love Borderlands, I meant.

I agree, this game ain’t borderlands, it’s battleborn and it’s main strength is PVP, not PVE


It has been proven over the years that pvp is always what keeps a game alive for a much longer period of time than pve. Developers know and have admitted this fact even on this forum. It’s also surprising that the multiplayer pve content is still active in this game even before the free trial.


Not to mention the reason borderlands stays alive is the fact it’s a LOOT co-op game


Please define what you consider to be “alive”. And on topic, I’ll note that any time I run an open BL2 or BL1 (yes, original Borderlands) lobby, I still get people joining, so the game’s not exactly dead from my perspective.


I think he means that, typically, PVP-oriented games have a larger player base than co-op PVE games. Battleborn might be doing poorly, but i can all but guarantee you that an old Call of Duty game will probably have faster queueing times than Borderlands 2. That being said, PVE games are 95% offline playable, and are more “alive” in the sense that they live on long after a PVP game’s servers are permanently shut down.

Old Nintendo and PlayStation games? More alive than many once-popular PVP games that no longer have a server on which to be played…

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Long-lived video games with PvE and a narrative focus that still have large, healthy communities surrounding them:

  • Diablo II
  • Phantasy Star: Online
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Super Mario 64
  • Metal Gear Solid (The entire series, but with Snake Eater seeming to be the most popular, especially in Japan.)
  • Half-Life 2 (Just had a WR breaking speedrun on the newer engine.)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (Now being remastered by Bluepoint, who are absolutely amazing.)

And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure I could name a lot more if I thought about it, especially if the narrative PvE restriction was dropped, and we opened up to puzzle and score-based arcade games (Donkey Kong, Tetris: GM, et cetera.)

The thing about most players that are into PvP is they are loud. E-sports? Big stages, brash announcers, lots of flash, and an inflated sense of importance. But that guy that’s been playing Diablo II for 17 years? He just keeps quietly having fun, doing what he’s always enjoyed, sometimes with friends, sometimes not. That doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

On the topic at hand, if you’re only into the PvP element of Battleborn, great. But I don’t think it’s in your best interests at all to marginalize those that are into PvE, because they spend money too – perhaps more than you assume. If you still care about Battleborn, you’d only be hurting it by trying to deepen the rift between the two camps.

Personally, I got into Battleborn for both sides of the game, and right now, running solo PvE is about the only thing I can stand, because I’m tired of playing the same players in PvP over and over. Still, I’d enjoy a new Ops as much as a new MP map.


And I’ve played this series for more than 900h, solo only. Borderlands is not about how much you can play the game before you get bored, but how fun it is to comeback to it after some time. Usually, with multiplayer PvP games (not talking about MMOs) - if you spend some time without playing the game - you will probably never enjoy it that much as before, because your skill level will be much lover than everyone’s else, and nobody can feel confident and enthusiastic for a long period of time if they see they suck every match ^^


I think what Ray meant is that online games that are PVP last longer on servers than more story based and other kinds of online games, as in PVP games TEND to get more lifetime in DLC and servers


the “human” element is pretty much what drives most gamers in general.
Honestly , open world games don’t appeal to me as much (that includes Mass effect and the Witcher series).

Not to mention, BB’s PvE ain’t that special and the story is “blah” if thats even a thing…