Notes from the Borderlands show

Thiccfila has a more complete rundown on his YT channel, but I had three major takeaways from the segment on M2.0 tweaks:

— Enemy health at M10 is coming down from 12000% to 10000% and Cartel guns will be balanced accordingly.

— Incendiary damage while Autobear is active is getting fixed/buffed.

— Underperforming SMGs (B-word, Jackhammer, Vanquisher, Devoted, Ripper, etc) are getting buffed.

I don’t know about you all, but I haven’t played BL3 in weeks. I’m ready to come back and try out some new stuff.


Here is where things stand with the new weapon and anoint balancing:

– NTM elemental damage anoint is now 100% damage

– Autobear incendiary damage anoint is now 130% (still does not work after you swap weapons)

– While airborne crit damage is now 60%; damage is 50%; ROF is 30% (all pretty meager if you ask me)

– The SMG buffs appear to be pretty substantial – M10 B-word hits for 2k+ now; Devoted hits for nearly 3k; Jackhammer hits for nearly 4k.

– All in all, enemies are still pretty bullet-spongey. We are still going to be relying on the 2-3 highly optimized gun builds (Mindsweeper with 300% damage anoint, Blast Master and projectile multiplication Green Monster) for the time being.

You still lose your L7 rolls upon entering IB :frowning:

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How is the 125% splash anoint?


Siren radiation anointment also appears to have been buffed to 130%.

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Smh… They changed the generic splash annointment to 200% but left the Gunner annointment at 160%.

It seems like they were focusing on generic anoints this time around, so character-specific anoints may be on the table for the future.

It also seems like GBX was more focused on improving stability this go around (I haven’t really had any issues, but I won’t begrudge them that), but I am pretty disappointed that they didn’t do more to balance gun damage and enemy health. The number of guns and builds that are viable at M10 is still way too narrow.

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So one thing that I forgot was that the airborne damage and crit damage anoints are multiplicative, not additive. Perhaps there is an opportunity to do some sort of bunny-hopping rocket launcher build.

It seems to me that even with the enemy health decrease, at MH 10 my best weapons (OPQ, Kaoson, sand hawk) with good anoints and at MH10 level, hardly do a thing. Had to drop it way down just to clear an area on the new takedown.

The health scaling in certain parts of the takedown is not in line with the rest of the game (probably 2x higher or more). We just don’t know right now if it’s a bug or intended. Also, if any of your weapons were using 300v2 that’s been changed and not as effective anymore.

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That may be a function of the new takedown. My understanding is that takedown mobs – even on the scaled takedown – are much beefier than normal mobs.

I agree also with the gun balance and enemy health as well.