Notes/things you've noticed on skills and how they perform (bugs, incorrect numbers, and nifty things! Oh my!)

Been playing and I’ve noticed things that either don’t seem to work right, have numbers that don’t add up, or are actually nifty little things I didn’t know worked in that way. I think making a post listing the things people have noticed could prove useful to both the players and any other people who may be like “oh, yea. We gotta fix that”. I’ve only been playing Amara so I don’t know a lot on the other characters. I’d like to hear from others on them.

A few things I’ve noticed are:

-Amara’s Allure states that it reduces action skill damage by 20%. That appears… incorrect. I have tested it several times on the same enemies and that reduction is MUCH closer to 50%. This was primarily done with Fist Over Matter. While Allure was equipped each hit delt (for my level) ~416 damage. Without it equipped (and nothing replacing it) each hit delt ~820 damage. Might just be a fluke in my game, but IDK.

-While using Amara’s Deep Well skill, it appears that some Cryo guns do not have increased magazine size. I’ve equipped several cryo guns and the only one that seemed to benefit from the extended magazine was my legendary “Lucian’s Call” (lucked out. I LOVE this gun). Again. Might just be a fluke in my game or a minor bug I’ve been experiencing.

-Melee counts as a weapon…SWEET! I found this out when I speced into Sustainment and Illuminated Fist. Each time I hit an enemy with a melee strike I regen health. Nice.

I’ll probably edit this periodically when I notice other things. What about y’all? Notice anything weird or cool in your time playing?